Get Over Yourself


~ by mistresskittystrokum on June 25, 2009.

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  1. ya so there!

  2. Who is this about?

  3. I don’t know. Maybe the sender will stop by and let us know.

    • You are a complete and utter moron! You’re the dumbass who posted this ridiculous postcard/secret, so please enlighten us and tell us who the fuck your talking about.. You’re really a sorry excuse for a human to pick on a grieving mother.

  4. I think I have an idea of who you’re TRYING to talk shit about but really I hope it’s not her. If so, you’re wrong to even tell a grieving mother to move on, I don’t care if it’s 2 years or 20 years… As a grieving mother myself I find this totally rude, and pathetic..

  5. seriously, if this is about who I think it is, you are way off base. Pick on the true assholes on BBC, not people grieving losses. That’s just fucking rude. How about you get over yourself first?

  6. Nice picking on a mom with the dead baby. Doesn’t that make you a bigger Bitch than her? No wait that just makes you a loser, with no life.

  7. So you are the expert in grief? How about taking your own advice and move on, leave this mom alone already.

  8. Wow, it takes a low ass person to even talk about a bereaved mother. That is just dirty and fucking rude. hopefully you’ll never have to be in the group of a loss child, because its not a fucking group youd ever fucking want to be in. So, thank GOD every fucking day, that you have your child(ren), cause the day you lose one, will be the day you wished you never fucking said this……stupid bitch

  9. You are beyond fucking pathetic! If you have to go make a blog to make a scene like this you are nothing but a bitch! Obviously you have never lost a child or you would not write something so cold hearted and mean. I cannot even find the words for how pissed I am that you could even think that people are supposed to just get over losing a baby. Everyone loses thier parents and siblings but not everyone loses a child. Why don’t you get the fuck over yourself!

  10. You have got to be fucking kidding me. What goes around, comes around. Karma is Karma. You might want to check yourself and your own life.

  11. this is pathetic.

  12. If this is who I think it is, I don’t know about the grief part, but I agree with the rest. She really does try to police all of the boards. I don’t like that she’s always on people for not being who they say they are, i.e. the “proof”, yet she hides behind another screen name? It doesn’t make sense. It’s sad really.

  13. Policing BBC? Trying to make it safe for others? Yeah – she must be a real bad person. Sorry – I must have missed that part of it. So – she’s missing her dead child and trying to make BBC better for others…. Yeah – burn her at the stake.

  14. ..but she’s not just policing the loss boards. I totally get that, that’s fine. She’s policing birth boards, and random boards she has no part of! She has something to say for everything. Why does she hide behind another name? Why doesn’t she just come out and be who we all know she is?

  15. What – you don’t think what goes on in the other boards comes back to us? So – I have a dead baby – so I should sit quietly in my little “loss world” and not worry about what is being said about us or the decisions being made out there that could change our boards? And if someone is “hiding” (which by the way – I find humorous – cause what do you guys call this site? Standing out in the open?) behind a different name – don’t you think BBC would be all over it? Or is this mom special to the BBC higher ups? Or could they possibly think she does some good for the whole community??????? Did you ever think of it that way?

  16. She is policing stuff that has absolutely NOTHING to do with losses! Have you ever seen her on the GO board? Anything she says on there the mods jump all over. Maybe it’s because she throws enough tantrums or something, but yes, she usually gets whatever the hell she wants. Like I said before, I don’t agree with the grief part of this postcard. I love how whenever something is said about someone who’s suffered a loss, everyone always automatically assumes it’s because of that and freaks out. Can’t I just not like the person?

  17. That’s funny Beth. I thought I was on a website called MamaDramaUnleashed? If you didn’t like this stuff, why would you be here reading it?

  18. Wow, hate is a very strong word… I don’t think I hate anyone, not even you OR her. I dislike you guys, but I don’t hate you. Really, life is too short for hate, and it’s stupid to hate Internet personalities.

  19. No – I am the first person to say you don’t have to like anyone. I just think the original poster is out of line to tell someone to get over a loss. So yes – we both agree on that part. And you have to admit – had the original poster not mentioned her dead child – no – we would not be here. But to add hurt to the post by bringing up the child – she was asking for us to swarm. Seriously – if you don’t like what she’s doing – fine – post away. But the POSTER brought up the child – that’s stepping over the lines and opens it up for the rest of us to put our 2 cents in. Had she just left out those last 7 words – you would not have heard a word from me.

  20. You are here at WordPress too Beth… sooo… you are perpetuating drama? I don’t understand your argument here. And it’s pretty obvious why people send this kind of stuff here. If something like this was said on Babycenter, that poster would be gone in .02 seconds! Anyway, this is the first, and probably only, time I’ve ever commented here, because I actually *finally* knew who this one was about and agreed with part of it, so I wouldn’t say that I hide out here.

  21. I think the purpose of this post was to “OUT” the dual usernames. Grief is not an excuse to be able to manipulate and control the rest of the boards. Isn’t it hypocritical to be so concerned with trolls and moles when you are a GO and try to come off as two seperate posters?

  22. And a decent mother would never wish ‘karma’ on anyone especially if they have been there before with the loss of a child.
    The issues with her that I’ve seen actually have nothing to do with any losses but somehow it always comes back to that.
    Let’s all sit back and try to control bbc because GOD FORBID they have an advertisement of a living child on a BABY SITE. What a shocker huh? Especially after the whole hissy fit involving loss photos and the mods stood by the loss mothers because every baby counts, living or not. Double standards to sit back and whine about a living child photo after that whole debacle, isn’t it?

  23. Again – if this is the case – go to the MODs!!! I’ve seen people wacked left and right for that crap. Or have people gone and nothing was done? Then don’t you think maybe BBC doesn’t think this is the case? That she is not “who you think she is”? Don’t you think they would have given her the boot? Get pissed at the MODs – not the one you think is getting away with something. And for Christ sake – don’t be throwing around dead baby comments.

  24. Read my comment again – I would NEVER, NEVER wish someone to lose a child. I was meaning being nasty like that is bad Karma – because some day someone is going to be nasty right back.

  25. And it comes back to the loss thing because of those last 7 words. That’s what started it – not talking about her supposed breaking of BBC rules.

  26. Just so everyone that is following this is on the same page, I’m 99.9% sure this is about girlyclown who is also mominterrupted. Real awesome to pose as two people on bbc when you are so VOCAL about moles and trolling. It couldn’t have been any more obvious either…

  27. I think interuppted might have been talking about Beth, because she did tell the poster that. “Karma’s a bitch ~ what goes around comes around ~better watch what you say before it ends up being you who has to suffer through a loss.” That is a pretty messed up thing to say. It’s awful what you guys have gone through, I don’t know why you would WISH it on someone.

    Yeah, I saw that whole debacle about the photo club issue with the angel baby and the mom, and then the double standards of seeing the brand new baby in the inbox. One is ok, but clearly one is not according to her?

  28. And these were the karma posts I was referring to. Believe me, I can’t speak for the sender but I can’t even comprehend that kind of pain so my only issue with her is basically everything else that goes on. And when someone is friends IRL with the mods, it’s kinda hard to do anything about it.

    Karma’s a bitch ~ what goes around comes around ~better watch what you say before it ends up being you who has to suffer through a loss

    And this….

    So, thank GOD every fucking day, that you have your child(ren), cause the day you lose one, will be the day you wished you never fucking said this

  29. Got it. I so did NOT want people to think I was wishing this horror on anyone. If I could stop one more loss…

    So – let me get this straight. Girlyclown – who is very rarely on anymore – is also mominterupted? I’ve been on the loss boards for almost 2 years now – and I have interacted with both of them. Either I’m an idiot (no comments from the peanut gallery) – or you are barking up the wrong tree. I’d like to think I would know after this long if they were the same person. If they are – why did she change names? Does anyone know that? Could there have been a good reason? One that BBC supports?

    When it comes to the picture thing – I have to admit – if there was a thread with the MODs about our pictures – I stayed away. I am very aware that BBC is for living children – but I also know that not all of us have a happy endings – and we have to find others like us for support. BBC has been great about letting us have space there. It’s just hard to deal with others that think so little of us.

  30. It wouldn’t be a big deal to be two different people but to be so damn vocal about trolls and moles and to technically be coming off as one yourself, is a problem for me. It makes me disregard anything else that person has to say. Especially if you are dealing with people on such a personal and sensitive board. It isn’t right and it needed to be out in the open. It’s been known for a long time now and NO ONE has harassed anyone, as far as I know.

  31. another person had complained about the birth photo group showing up when sending/answering emails. that wasn’t her.

  32. Okay – I get what you are saying. But I think of a troll / mole as someone who is out there to up-set and hurt everyone – moms to living babies and moms to non-living babies. The only things I see mominterupted do is try to “protect” the loss members and build a bridge between both types of moms. So – even if she is the same as girlyclown – I don’t see what harm she is causing. Is she very vocal when it comes to what she believes – hell yeah. But I think it helps those moms that don’t feel they can speak up (trust me – again – it’s hard to come out of our loss boards to discuss anything) – she tries to be the voice for the loss boards. I would be yelling “FOUL!” too if I thought she was trying to hurt anyone else on the boards. But besides being loud and opinionated – I don’t see who she is hurting. Again – I originally came here because of the loss blast – I don’t think she did anything to deserve that. It was harsh.

  33. I’m searching through my inbox on bbc but back in Feb 09 there are messages going back and forth between me and her SIL, Valair. The one she had ‘issues’ with that stem from bitching about the IL’s on bbc and she got caught doing it.

    >On 2/20/09 12:28PM Valair wrote:

    >>I would just be speculating as to what I think is going on with her, but I get the feeling that you get! Kind of like the new baby just is not…fulfilling. I don’t know how to say it nicely. She gives her baby that died more attention than the one she has. I also think that my BIL is not the most helpful, so I think she is overwhelmed. I feel bad for her. She is not getting the help she needs physically around the house or even mentally…but there is some sort of weird disconnect


    >>Not sure why she has the 2 names but she does blame me a bit for not being able to post, like I somehow prevented it! I just asked her to not post my private info, like where I lived and my full name. She did that and then wrote on some vent how she wished we would all just die! That is why my FIL and her BF keeps tabs on her, not just me.

    >> I know, it is funny, she does answer herself. Pretty sure she has more sn’s, too.


    >>I have been pretty sick lately so I haven’t been o nthe cmputer lately )I got the flu and I have a low immune system, so just blechy stuff!!).

  34. No, I am not a troll or a member of any loss boards. I’m only assuming she’s going on as both members because that’s what she does on the GO board and yes, I’ve looked at the public loss boards before and see that she’s both names, as two different owners. I’m only assuming. Who knows, maybe the joke is on the rest of us and she’s honest with her loss people. I really don’t know. I just find the whole thing strange.

  35. wow. makes me wonder what else she is hiding. i do not feel comfortable sharing any more about the loss of my son…

  36. No, she’s not causing trouble with her two names, but I do think it is a tad hypocritical to have two names yet always be on everyone else’s case if they have two names. (Obviously moles and trolls in loss groups IS a problem, and that’s a different story, but I’m talking other groups here.)

    No, she didn’t start that thread about the photos, but I’m fairly certain she threw her .02 in. I could be wrong though.

  37. If the one person posing as two is no big deal to anyone that it could possibly hurt, than fine. I just know on the boards that I’m on where I’m really close to people I would be hurt and weirded out by it.

    An earlier message dug up:

    On 1/30/09 06:05PM Valair wrote:
    >You should also know that MI is also sn girlyclown. She does post pics of her baby that sadly died. She is lying about a lot of stuff. If you do not see things her way you will be out of luck. Don’t feel bad.

  38. So – this whole mess is actually because she and her SIL have beefs with eachother? So – that’s between the two of them – why get involved? Let them duke it out and let the rest of us go on with what we go to BBC for. Trust me – I know what things are like with my in-laws. When it comes to matters of the family – if there is bad blood – nothing we say or do will make a difference. Why poke the bear? Family is family – they need to work it out between the two of them – not get everyone else’s panties in a bunch. Why be a puppet to their issues?

  39. i am angry if it is true!! sharing my loss has been so hard because putting it out there and expressing it to strangers opens you up to so much more hurt. haven’t those of us who have lost our children endured enough? if it is true that she has two screen names then she is being dishonest, that makes you wonder what else she is being dishonest about. or the whole board…is the whole board a sham? BBC needs to answer these questions!!!!!

  40. If I found out a close friend was lying to me about having different screen names it would definitely make me wonder how much they were lying about. :/

  41. I think the family drama is what stemmed the multiple names but I still don’t excuse it. Easy solution, don’t post shit about your relatives (loved ones or not so much….) on the internet and you won’t have these problems. But, it still doesn’t mean she needs to carry on forever as different people. Lying only digs bigger holes. Geez it must be a lot of work to keep this up though…

  42. And trust me – I think we all know – that in the world of the internet – do you ever really know who you are dealing with or who you are sharing with? I put myself out there because I know when I needed someone to talk to at 2am about my loss – there were people there at BBC who made my heart feel better. I try to do the same. Believe me – had you told me 25 months ago that I would have “friends” on-line that I share a lot with – I would have told you that you were nuts. But the loss boards help me – and that’s what is most important to me. Not who has issues with who. And again – those last 7 words just pissed me off.

  43. I wonder how she keeps up with two different screen names? That would be way too much work for me to handle. I’m glad that there are places for people to go to be comforted and supported. I’ve found groups like that for myself as well. I would be devastated if I found out one of those ladies had been lying this whole time though. We’ve been talking now for close to two years!

  44. gee aren’t you special?

  45. Wow – trolls at blogs. Who knew?

  46. i think a mother who loses her child should be able to post what she wants….it’s her right. just as it’s the mom of a living child to debate whether to CIO or not…personally i find those more offensive. LOL


    Idiots above that think you are so smart… I post all of the damn secrets and it says “by mistresskittystrokum” because it’s my blog. I don’t create the pictures, moron.

    Get a grip!

  48. mistresskittystrokum – I know you just post what is sent to your blog. It’s just a heated subject – throwing someone’s loss out there like that.

  49. so will we ever know for sure if someone is using two screen names and pretending to be two different people? i just want to know the truth….

  50. I am truly sorry for all the loss that you guys have gone through, it must be so difficult, and I can not imagine the pain.

  51. Maybe someone should just ask her?

  52. And if we are talking about people who are pretending to be others to cause issues – how do we know that it wasn’t Valair (or whaever her name is) that sent in this picture to hurt mominterupted / girlyclown? I AM NOT SAYING SHE DID – but it makes ya think.

  53. i don’t believe i will stick around any longer to ask.

  54. I don’t know. If you consider someone a friend on bbc I would just PAN. It doesn’t have to be a public stoning and of course it doesn’t mean you’d get the truth. I promise any info I’ve shared on here is not to watch a shit storm. It was something that has been known for months by many people and finally came to light with this post. I don’t even know who the sender was and it was way too obvious to not be about who I thought it was.

  55. There is no way to really know who is using multiple names – if you suspect it – report it – if BBC thinks a rule is being violated – they’ll get the boot.

  56. not saying that she does; but there are plenty of people with two or more screen names. she is not a troll. she has done plenty to help the moms that have suffered losses. if you have questions, why don’t you ask her.

  57. Why in the world was it shitty of her to post it? How is anyone who doesn’t frequent the loss boards supposed to know who that is about? It says nothing on the picture about it being about a woman who lost a child. I feel bad for people for other reasons than loosing kids.

    For the record before anyone jumps on my ass I have had a stillborn baby.

  58. vile idiots!

  59. Let’s see….
    “Get over yourself, get over your grief and move on already”
    To someone on BBC…… What – do you think it was about her cat?

  60. who is sending me the messages…come out come out wherever you are

  61. I still think calling some one a cunt is overreacting.

    If you don’t like it no one is making you be here.

  62. Grief : something that causes great unhappiness

    Where does it say grief has to equal death grievingforever?

    You could mourn the loss of a job, the end of a marriage, the diagnosis of an illness.

    So no, people don’t know the OP is talking about the death of a child.

  63. I think this damn picture and secret is some stupid little cowardly bitch that has no better life than to stalk a grieving mother on bbc, and more than likely in real life, as I’m sure the immature little twit that made, and submitted this bullshit is the lowest piece of slime on the bottom of the swamp.. You’re a fucking coward to say it behind a secret blog, come out and say it in person or else where than woman up and take credit for the shit you’ve splewed all over the internet.. You deserve whatever life gives to you…

  64. This fucking post is fucking HILARIOUS!!! GC/MI is an idiot.

  65. So is AC.

  66. Annieeeeeeeee!!!! Where you at??? Cunt bag.

  67. ROLF

  68. eclipsed come on over, the water is jusstttt right…..

  69. I also post frequently on the loss boards and I am going to have to take a break from it for awhile now. I know you can’t really trust the internet but I’ve been through enough in the real world.

  70. Maybe if MI/GC wasn’t such a cowardly bitch herself, someone WOULD call her ass out on BBC. It’s not that anyone is too much of a coward, it’s that we know she’s up the mod’s asses and we don’t want to be banned over a “personal attack”. Isn’t that why these blogs exist, anyway? Far away from the utopian world of BBC and their inability to let anyone REALLY speak their mind and say what they want.

    Believe me, I can honestly say that if I could call her ass out on BBC without fear of reprisal, I’d do it in a fucking heartbeat. She’s a self righteous BITCH. Having lost a child doesn’t change that fact.

  71. Having more then 1 SN is fucking stupid.

  72. you still hunting people down annie? man, it must suck having borderline personality disorder. Get a liiiiiife.

  73. I have to say, until you commenters, I had no idea who it was about. I sure as hell didn’t know it was someone from the loss boards.

    Obviously someone has a problem with her, hence the secret. I am sorry for her loss. No one should have to go through that.

  74. you know where to find me. just like i know where to find you. until you all cry for your bbc MOD.

  75. Bring it, Bitch.

  76. oh annie must have gone off the deep end again, maybe her food stamps were late this month and she is abusing the innocent girl that answers the phone at the welfare office. what is the treatment for borderline personality disorder anyway? inpatient hospitalization for life?

  77. Ugly…doesn’t that one get old? I mean…I know you must have heard it a lot growing up, but it’s a bit cliche now. You may want a new adjective. If I send you a check, will you get a thesaurus? Maybe your posts would be a bit more interesting if they had some variety from one to the next. What’s your paypal? I’ll wire you $10.

  78. EDIT: No talkin’ about the kids please.

  79. what is moons’ obsession with ugly and spelling? She must have been called ugly while being kicked out of a spelling bee? God knows she is not easy on the eyes nor the sharpest knife in the drawer.

  80. careful girls. we all know what i am capable of doing. ask your friends. i dare you.

  81. You’re capeable of being a BAD MOTHER. Ask your kid. I dare you.

  82. Sweetie, this may come as a shock…but you don’t scare me. You don’t know who I am, where I live, or anything else. You’ll have to try your brand of terror elsewhere for your lame threats of mean FB messages don’t scare me.

  83. Feed her today? How much does she weigh?

  84. Annie, you really are a great source of entertainment. Keep ’em coming precious…

  85. i’m your worst nightmare and i know more about you than you may think i do. i have some help with information. push me. seems some people had trouble playing nice in the sandbox.

  86. What’s wrong? Your feeligs are hurt b/c I don’t play nice. FUCK YOU DOUSCH BAG!!!!!!

  87. oooooOOOOOOOOooooooo. Now I’m quivering with fear. Someone hold me!

  88. YOu want my address? I’ll give you my address. I’d like to fix your UGLY face.

  89. hey annie, pooh bear, hot cakes,

    guess what? we have some help with information too, darling. do you think you can’t be found? we got your number baby. it is programed in all our phones.

    wink wink.

  90. i have some help with information

    You def need HELP that’s for sure. You can get that at your local FUNNY FARM. Psycho.

  91. I have more then just her number. I have hospital records.

  92. here we go again with the ugly comments. yawn.

  93. some of your ‘friends’. they have the ax to grind now. lets see what the MODs do this time.

  94. find me. i am not hiding. i would love some company.

  95. What the fuck is your stupid ass talking about now? English PLAESE I don’t speak Drug Addict.

  96. Seems like I DID find you. Easy BTW.

  97. Say what you have to say Annie. Stop dancing around it. Come on— SAY IT!!!!!! Why are you hear anyways?

  98. I know your name now tell me MINE!!!

  99. LMAO!!! What? Are you going to post the sordid details of our lives on BBC? Fuck, I’ll start the post for you. If you’re that desperate for the attention, I’ll sacrifice myself to save your sanity for those few precious moments.

    I really pity the daughter you are raising. She has no chance with a schizo junkie like you for a mother.

  100. I smell a rat!!

  101. funny how she claims to hate bbc but comes looking for all the fun all the time.

  102. EDIT: Please don’t insult the kids. Mom may be a freak but the kid is off limits. Thank you.

  103. Awwww, she took her toys and ran home crying. I guess she wasn’t having as much fun as we were.

  104. Oh precious, moonface has shown up here that’s about a site she claims to despise. I’ll give you mapquest directions that will direct you straight to my sphincter.

  105. She has reason to cry. Look what she does to her little girl.

  106. I wonder how long her daughter would be in her care if there were a surprise visit by DSS? Should we test it? Bets, anyone?? I can’t imagine heroine is conducive to a healthy environment.

  107. where’d you go, FISHCUNT? Shooting up again? Or off having an abortion?

  108. go check bbc, she is probably spamming shit there. she goes on rampages there and then gets banned. it is really sweet. she used to post pics of dead soldiers and bloody nurses and mangled babies.

  109. Probably shooting up again so she can man up enough to post something on BBC. Such a sorry life she leads.

  110. I can’t believe wifi can reach through padded walls. Can someone alert the state hospital?

  111. Going to eat dinner. You girls keep fucking with Ugly Betty.

  112. I love how this now has absolutely nothing to do with the post.

  113. I happen to be pretty decent friends with MI, and I have chatted a little bit with girlyclown, and I do not see how they are the same people, and trust me i don’t believe a damn thing that gets posted on here, because I dont judge others because someone else says something abotu that said person.

    But seriously sitting there telling a person who has lost a child to get over their loss, is just plain fucking stupid and idiot. you do not ever get over a loss. i lost my son almost 8 years ago to sids, and i sure as hell aint over it…

    so stop bashing a bereaved mother and move on, and stop making fucking fools of yourselves. its pretty fucking pathetic.

  114. is there a way it could be simply verified? i believe they are the same person.

  115. define a pretty decent friendship. someone can easily post as two different people and be your friend, it is after all the internet. If you could tell me that you and MI went to a movie and GC was your friend from high school, your post might have some hold in this argument.

    I believe they are the same person as well.

  116. I know! I know! Just ask the bitch. Or, just follow the similarities in the typing styles and the obsession with the old i-pod that ‘both’ users seem to have.

    Hmmm…. Loss of a girl in August of 07, birth of a son in September 08 (or whenever it was, I do remember the dates she claims are only days apart) for BOTH posters. What a coincidence!

    Let’s put 2 sticks together and make FIIIIIYAAAAA.

  117. it is terribly annoying that she policies bbc on other boards. who does that??? i have wanted to say something forever. seriously that shit has got to stop. and no one can say anything to her for fear they will be told they hate moms that are grieving. ridiculous.

  118. dont forget the cupcake thing….if you follow her tweets she talks about that and also on both profiles. she is a baker.

  119. She’s busy baking with animosity. She’ll probably google everyone’s home addresses and mail out anthrax laced cupcakes. BEWARE.

  120. And maybe, just maybe, eclipsed will get a dozen of them. Let’s bring this full circle!

  121. mmmmm cupcakes.

  122. what is with all the moons wannabes? use your real names. or are you too chicken shit?

  123. When I said ipod in an earlier post I actually meant iphone. What do I know, I own NEITHER. Not my thang.

  124. Oh and believe me noone is a moons wannable. Unless someone wants to be a heroine addict in a dark alley somewhere with frequent ‘vacations’ to the nearest psych ward. Can someone please contact her case worker? Damn. We need an intervention right here on this comment thread.

  125. yeah, and sara2264 is totally giving you away…..

  126. Moons wannabies? Haaaaaaa

    Fucking hilarious. She is a junkie.

  127. Hey, peeps, I don’t know the story behind this drama and I’d like to not have to babysit the comments. Please, do not insult anyone’s kids. They are off limits.


  128. Nope. I have never met either one of them. But, I don’t believe everything I read online, and until either one of them gives me a reason to NOT trust them or believe them, then I am sticking by both of them. Does that make sense?

  129. Wow, I dont know the story behind this drama either, but would like to say, props for going off the course here and start slamming kids, *thumbs up*
    I would also like to say that if GC does have 2 pf on BBC, big deal, maybe she wants to talk about stuff that she done want anyone to know its her. Or any family to see.
    You should NEVER tell an Angel mom to “get over her loss” or to stop feeling sorry for herself. Fuck that, grow up. I will never get over my loss, till I hold her in Heaven again, then I will be “happy”
    I think this childish chitter chatter needs to stop, and just let GC be.

  130. I agree with what the post says. I’ve never read her blogs, and I’ve never known her from before I joined the loss boards, but someone has mentioned to me that MI and GC is the same person. I really don’t care who she is, it’s just that she irritates me with all her policing the boards like she’s one the actual MODS there. And as soon as something comes up that she doesn’t agree with, the MODS jump for her.

    Coming from a mother that has lost a child, I’m not one to use my grief to get my way. It’s one thing to get support and sympathy from others, but to use that as a stronghold over an entire parenting website, it gets pretty annoying.

    I don’t agree with saying to get over your loss though. There is no way possible to just get over a loss like that.

    And as for all this other BS going on… you are all cracking me up!!! Someone has their satellite dishes turned on ready to hunt your asses down. You all got your face paint ready?

  131. “Coming from a mother that has lost a child, I’m not one to use my grief to get my way. It’s one thing to get support and sympathy from others, but to use that as a stronghold over an entire parenting website, it gets pretty annoying.”

    That’s EXAACTLY the point. She thinks her loss gives her carte blanche to do whatever the fuck she wants on BBC. It’s sickening and quite obnoxious. It’s also a bit sad that there are so many who are so quick to give her that power as well.

    She’s NOT A FUCKING MOD. She needs to stop acting like one. Maybe she’d enjoy her BBC experience more if she removed her head from the MODs’ asses.

    Yep, my face paint is all ready to go :P.

  132. V&S I don’t know who the FUCK you are, or any of you for that matter, but leave GC the fuck alone.. You’re a bunch of pathetic fucking losers to go on the attack of a very kind and loving woman. That woman has helped me and many other grieving mother’s through a lot of shit. And for some fucking cunt ass bitch that happens to not like her come around making foolish accusations and insulting her child is beyond fucking cold. You’re as low as the fucking maggots on a piece of rotten trash.. You’re just fucking jealous that she has the intelligence, patience and care in her heart to make the loss boards and baby center a safe place for bereaved parents.. Why the fuck should we have to just stay in our little loss circles.. I’m sorry if photo’s and talk of our dead children offend your sorry fucking asses, too fucking bad, deal with it and you GET THE FUCK OVER IT!!

  133. Oh and my real name is Shannon!!!

  134. bitchez, calm the fuck down. all anyone is asking is that she stop having two profiles and stop fucking god damn policing the BBC boards that have nothing to do with her. is that fucking hard to understand? now shut the fuck up and stop assuming that others are trying to attack the fact that her child passed. One thing has nothing to do with the other. my goodness. this is exactly why this was not handled at bbc. because you sharks cannot be spoken to without becoming irrational. unbelievable.

    oh and my real name is teeny!!!!

  135. Irrational? If I remember correctly – oh – and I just scrolled up and looked – this was started not because of the policing issue – but because the “secret” does mention her dead child. So yeah – we come out in masses for that bullshit. You think she’s around BBC too much? You think she polices too much? What does it matter to you? Seroiusly – does it stop you from doing what you want to do? Oh wait – it must be because you can do this crap there. Now I see clearly.

  136. You don’t want us to focus on the issue of her having a loss? Then don’t use it to attack her. It’s as simple as that.

  137. no, it does NOT mention her dead child. You are JUST like she is !!!! Completely milking the issue. If she wasn’t two different people and going around like the entire world and universe owes her something, we wouldn’t be here. If the secret said “Hey GC/MI, we don’t care if your baby died, STFU” it would be a valid argument that you are presenting. You are missing the point, like she often does, so go shove your head back up her ass, mmmk?

    And FYI to all you people who are so worried about “calling babies ugly”, it is more mocking than actually calling anyone’s kids ugly. Moonie’s favorite thing is to call babies ugly and try to tell you you have missepelled something, when in actuality you have not. She’s a fucking smart one, that one.

  138. actually it says stop policing bbc, and get over yourself and your grief, so that basically says you dont give a shit about her loss at all….so yeah we have every damn right to come here and show that we give a damn when somebody whose never experienced a loss sits there and tells a bereaved parent to get over their loss…you never get over a loss….get off your fucking high horses and get over yourselves. if you dont like what she does, ignore her…she’s not harming a fucking person by making bbc a better place…..

  139. She wants BBC to be her personal playground. She wants the entire site to be about loss. No one is saying she should get over her loss. She should get over wanting the entire world to feel sorry for her 24/7, and not allowing pictures of BABIES ON A SITE CALLED BABYCENTER.

    • It insinuates that though.
      If that was directed towards me, thats the impression I would get.

  140. why the fuck do all your sceen names say GRIEVING FOREVER or never stop crying and shit like that? It is like sending a message to everyone to walk on eggshells because inevitably you will make everything into a “death” issue. It makes everyone sick, sick, sick. don’t you know many of us have also suffered losses too, but we don’t go around wearing it as a badge of honor? this is not about her baby, this is about other shit. once again you are obsessing about your dead babies. the rest of bbc is sick of your gang mentality and you pushing everyone else around in the name of your pain and grief. news fucking flash others have grief too, we just don’t flaunt it. please please go the fuck away.

    and yes it does affect many of us because we can’t even talk about aunt ida at thanksgiving without her policing OUR BOARDS.

  141. it would be fucking great to ignore her if she wasn’t posting on the group owner board every fucking five seconds about a group mod needed on every single board because of a little hot conversation happening. can’t she just stay in her own group? it is absolutely ridiculous.

  142. I’m not giving GC/MI a free pass because I’m supposed to feel sorry for her about something that doesn’t have ANYTHING to do with pretending to be multiple people on the boards.

    And has anyone informed her that she is NOT a mod? I think between the radiation from her iphone + massive amounts of sugar in her cupcakes = gone off the deep end.

    I know Raynebow is in her back pocket IRL but that isn’t an excuse either to be such an ASSHAT. Hint hint, another phrase both names use. Beeeeeeyoooootch.

  143. “She wants the entire site to be about loss. No one is saying she should get over her loss.” Am I not reading the secret correctly? Seriously – we would not be here if the last 7 words were not on the fucking secret. Trust me – if me worrying about people bullying others by pointing out hurtful crap is me having my head up my ass – then fine – that’s where I like it. And if these two people are one – I don’t see GirlyClown participating on policing anything… I see her celebrating her son. And if I remember correctly – she was just asking that some pictures not appear on the loss boards. Hell – I’ve heard enough moms bitching about out kids picture on their boards. Tit for tat?

  144. Not one person has left a comment on here AGREEING with what was writted about getting over grief.

    Why is it constantly coming back to that then? OH WAIT. Because that’s the way GC/MI works too. She’s trained her minions to be as coniving as she is. Don’t be so bitter because your leader is going to go down in her flame of lies. Be bitter because she’s been LYING TO all of you and frankly I’m really surprised. I honestly thought maybe someone ANYONE from her boards would know her real deal but it’s actually a little funny that she doesn’t trust ANY OF YOU enough to let you know about anything.

    Too much time on her hands that one…. Did she forget she has a kid that’s probably screaming the entire time she’s BITCHING about other living baby photos popping up on BBC?

    And believe me, this isn’t just going to go away.

  145. Do you not get it? The double standards. While I did not agree with the bitching of loss babies being displayed, there is a GREAT irony with the uproar that followed that issue… To only have a couple of months pass before it suddenly wasn’t ok for a living child to be displayed on the site in an ADVERTISEMENT?

    I know this is like kicking a kid in a wheelchair but you take out the emotions and look at the facts only and you’ll get it.

  146. Flaunting my loss? Really. OK. I think I have kept my cool and tried to be rational here. I’ve not called names – not said I deserve any more than anyone else…. I was just trying to voice my opinion on someone using something hurtful for thier own means. Not a problem. You don’t have to like me – I don’t have to like what you think is ok to do to someone to get a point across. Simple – you don’t like MI – ignore her.

  147. She can’t be ignored when she’s EVERYWHERE ALWAYS. I hope she gets banned just like what she expects to happen to others that troll around like morons.

  148. Again – report her if she’s doing something wrong. She can’t have everyone at BBC in her pocket.

  149. mi/gc is also the death troll

  150. report her? for calling the mods attention to every single post that might be considered a possible thread that might possibly get heated sometime in the next century? What do we say to the mods? She is being nosy, fucking annoying, and no one can stand her? what is that called under the reporting feature? seriously?

    Grieving forever? – why is that your screen name? Seriously? It makes me think you are curled up in the fetal position crying and sobbing and makes me horribly sad for you. I don’t want to feel that way about another mom I am supposed to be chatting about baby poop with knwim? That automatically puts me on the defense. Here goes the walking on eggshells alarm.

    Do you see the divide that can create?

    • I might not be Grieving forever but are you serious? It’s not our fault that our children are dead, that we have no living (I speak solely for myself) to talk about baby poop with you, I’m sorry that a screen name puts you on the defense, it’s not fair that we are scrutinized for everything including our screen names, our childrens photo’s. What the hell? Why? If I continue on with missingmyson as my screen name does that offend you too? Oh well, we miss our children, we will forever grieve for our children, you’re lucky that yours are alive, must be nice to have that laughter, and love in your life.. Must also be nice to have those poopy diapers to change, what I wouldn’t give to have my son here to talk shitty diapers about, but don’t you dare criticize a grieving mother for her screen name nor the amount of time she grieves, it’s NOT your say!!

  151. Muwahahaha kidding about the death troll. I don’t know but anything is POSSIBLE….. :*

  152. Look, I can imagine how hard it must be to lose a child, but MI and others seriously use it as an EXCUSE to be a mean hateful BITCH to anyone who doesn’t agree with absolutely everything she says and thinks. Take the pictures for example. When the whole thing went down on the GO board, it looked like those girls just wanted a way to change things around because a few of them HAD suffered losses and didn’t WANT to see angel babies yet. Their losses were still very fresh for them and they were very shocked when they saw the pictures. Yet, when they brought that up those SAME WOMEN who had lost babies (along with others, yes) were basically made out to be heartless bitches by MI because they didn’t feel comfortable seeing those pictures when they weren’t expecting them.

    Yet, not even 2 months later, when an Angel mom complained of seeing live baby pictures where SHE wasn’t expecting them it was perfectly ok!

    Sorry, but the double standards headed by MI and supported by some others are ridiculous.

    She uses her grief as a reason to have no happiness. You still need happiness! It’s ok to be happy!!!!

  153. No – sorry if I paint that picture with something like a screen name. I have used it in the past at blogs like this because of a family member that was murdered – our family had a blog that I would post on. Had nothing to do with my personal loss – just out of habit – I use it. Sorry – am I not allowed to do that either? At BBC – you would not know about my son by my screen name. So no – again – I am not asking for your sympathy – could care less. And no – I don’t think anyone here or at BBC should walk on eggshells for me. I participate on my birth boards, the loss boards, the GO board… And – yes – I can see the divide you are assuming. But again – not my issue.

  154. Oh – by the way – I am happy.

  155. Good, I’m glad.

    MI clearly isn’t, and that’s sad.

  156. ok good 🙂 glad you are happy. I am over the “my baby passed, and I am pushing my grief off on everyone” thing. I am glad you are happy and you are not here for that reason. Please know I am not here to mock anyone’s loss. I don’t believe most of the others are here for that either. It is simply about being annoyed with someone’s antics unrelated to a passing. I think and hope that is clarified.

  157. So what’s the verdict? Anyone grow a pair and ask her yet? I don’t see any of the hardcore mi/gc lovers saying she said it is NOT true so I’m assuming she’s confessed and it’s not going to be admitted on here…..

  158. I think the hard cores are like a gang. they aren’t going to break the red rover hand holding they are scared to break the circle. that circle is what keeps them going.

  159. Teeny – I hear you and know that it not the true issue for you. And – to tell you the truth – I haven’t asked – because I don’t care. “They” both have been friendly to me – helped when I had problems with my boards that I am a GO on – helped when I needed support with my son…. Again – if she’s around too much – I just ignore it. Often – she has good ideas – for the loss issues and the non-loss issues on the site. Trust me – there are a few others that seem to pop up all the time too – and again – they get ignored.

  160. Red Rover, Red Rover, Send MI/GC, Right Over!

  161. Have any of you asked her?

  162. I have, I’m just waiting for a response.


  163. I did get a response, but she told me she won’t tell me, so, one can only assume.

  164. I mean, if she wasn’t, wouldn’t she just tell me no, she wasn’t?

  165. I honestly think that the OP of this secret didn’t mean to say it that way (I’m hoping she didn’t). I’m hoping that she just used the wrong words to get her point across. I think she meant to get over yourself and stop letting YOUR loss win over the thousands of other mothers that have a right to complain about pictures that might be uncomfortable to look at, or the ads of living newborns on the loss boards. Bereaved parents still have other children after their loss (or even before), they move forward. But it just seems like MI/GC can’t move past that. Either she can’t or she won’t, which ever way it is, it’s clashing with what mothers expect from a parenting site.

    And to move on topics of loss boards, some may say that she has helped you out with your grieving, but she hasn’t helped me not one bit. Just because I stood up for mommies that didn’t want to see stillborn pics as the first picture when you click on the photo clubs (when they were first created), she bashed me until I couldn’t take it anymore. She made me feel like I wasn’t normal just because I didn’t agree with having that picture the first thing I see. She made me feel like she didn’t care that I was grieving. And then I posted a journal a few months back and she popped on and said that I could join her board, but because we had that disagreement on the GO board, she also said that I chose not to let her help me because I didn’t agree with her. So you only get support from a loss board if you agree with them? How the hell does that work? She makes me think I’m crazy because I don’t fit in with the other mommies on that board because I grieve differently!

    I guess my beef with her is on a bit more personal level because I feel shut out. I can only turn to mommies that have their LOs. They may not understand fully what I’m going through, but I have a lot more support from them than I do on a loss board. I’ve deleted myself from all loss boards because no one ever responds to me. I thought that I could turn to people that have been in my shoes, but I was so wrong. And that is why I don’t understand this double standards that she has. I don’t understand the power that she has over the MODS. It’s crazy!!!

    • Brokenhearted I’m sorry you feel that way, I hope that I never make another grieving mother feel that way, if I have I’m really sorry.. Everyone grieves in their own ways, and all I can say is I am so sorry that happened…I am honestly not on the boards much, but am always available by passing me a note anytime..

  166. Wow, I’m sorry BrokenHearted. That makes me really sad that ANYone would make you feel that way, especially one so self proclaimed as THE ONE for the loss boards.

  167. BrokenHearted – I am so sorry. I was away from BBC when that whole thing happened. Everyone grieves differently – and that needs to be respected. My way is right for me – your way is the right way for you. Who am I to tell you different. Again – I’m sorry.

  168. Oh – and with that whole thing going on at BBC about people finding others in the real world and causing issues – I wouldn’t tell a soul who I was there. Like the rest of the cyber world – it’s just not a safe place.

  169. So is anyone here part of private group on BBC in the SL group?
    If you are, you will know what SL means.

  170. MI is a fucking bitch, and I truly feel sorry for all of you who are so blinded that you think she’s not. I truly feel very very sorry for you. Not only have you lost your chiildren, but also yourselves.

  171. V&S – Thank you – but I am a big girl and can pick the people I associate with on-line. I feel sorry that this is such a huge issue for everyone. For goodness sake – it’s a flipping website!!! It’s not your neighborhood, your city, the world… It is a WEBSITE. Done.

  172. It appears to be mi/gc’s world. Wouldn’t it be nice if she would join us here since she’s made it known she knows all about the ‘offsite drama.’

  173. I too pick and choose who I associate with online and on websites, I don’t need someone that’s so full of hate to tell me who I can associate with and I certainly do NOT need your sympathy for befriending someone that I CHOSE to befriend! V&S it sounds like you’ve got a corn-cob stuck where the sun don’t shine.. If you don’t like someone don’t stalk them, don’t associate with them and for the love of Christ, do NOT make off-site or on site bullshit posts about the person you so despise.

  174. everyone knows that mi is girly clown. what is there left to even discuss?

    Isn’t having two screen names a violation of the BBC RULES?

    Shannon, unwad your panties sweetie, i believe grieving forever and i have already established that she is happy despite her screen name; we kissed and made up earlier despite the fact that her scree name leaves me feeling like she is curled up in the fetal position. yes, those screen names irk me- just a personal pet peeve. what the fuck does that have to do with your child that passed? And how the fuck do you know if my children are dead or alive? just because I want to talk about baby poop does not mean i haven’t experienced a loss, i just don’t choose to obsess about it in public and abuse my grief as a means to control others. so fuck off. baby center is generally a place where we mothers go to talk about baby poop no? so back the fuck off. puhlllllease.

  175. Shannon, go back to your hole please. girly clown/ MI does not need you as her personal body guard. however it is duly noted that you are the one on call.

  176. ok what is the SL group?

  177. I have no idea what SL is. Please educate. If it’s a loss board, and she’s in it, I don’t want to know.

  178. MI is a fucking bitch, and I truly feel sorry for all of you who are so blinded that you think she’s not. I truly feel very very sorry for you. Not only have you lost your chiildren, but also yourselves.

    ~I have to say that I am by far not blinded by a damn thing. I am a grown woman, I choose WHO I want to be friends with and WHO I associate with. MI has always been very kind to me, and we’re always helping each other out. So, stop trying to make others feel angry towards MI because you have personal issues with her.

  179. Aa much as I’d love to take credit for this post, it’s not mine. I truly wish I could say otherwise.

    Thanks for asking, but no, I don’t have anything up my ass, either. Although…the corncob…that made me giggle. It’s inventive, I’ll give you that.

    As for stalking her? HA! I actually spent most of my time trying to avoid the stupid cunt. It’s a bit hard, though, when all she does is police the boards and report back on the GO board. You’d think she was GO of every fucking group on BBC. If she’d just stick her nose into the business of her own boards, I wouldn’t have an issue with her. i don’t give a flying fuck if she has a thousand different SN’s, that’s not my beef with her. I just wish she’d mind her own fucking business. Then we’d all be able to enjoy the sunshine and rainbow fest together.

  180. Teeny I surely hope that you’re not insinuating that I abuse my grief?! I don’t.. You’re right I don’t know if you’ve lost children, but babycenter is NOT just about living babies. Are you offended that dead baby momma’s have their own groups? and for your fucking information, I am no one’s fucking body guard, i stand up for what I believe and I believe strongly that this little “secret” post card was fucking RUDE!! And I would rather not go to any hole as you put it, I’m happy right where I’m at, thank you for your concern..

  181. I guess I’m missing the whole policing bullshit, all she’s ever done for me is give me good advice and direction for my loss.. I don’t see every post in the GO board from her, I do see her trying to make a safe haven for the newly bereaved.. I agree with Sarah though, y’all really should quit trying to turn everyone against her..
    And seriously what proof is there that she is both people or any of those things you said?

  182. The same bullshit going in circles. No one cares if the dead babies are on bbc or NOT. This has nothing to do with that.
    Who are you? MI/GC? Twisting it back to the same old shit?

  183. I am Shannon I am not MI/GC Shannon that is who I am..and I’m not trying to twist anything here, I just wanted proof that you have stating that they are one in the same?! Is that too much to ask?? Not coincidences actual, factual proof!!

  184. Well she basically told me in a roundabout way (by refusing to say anything at all) that she is. Why would she not deny it if it weren’t true? That was today. I have the notes to prove it.

  185. Justquestions, I don’t know!! I wish I had the answers for you. But her not answering your question or denying your accusation’s does not prove that she’s one in the same. Hell if someone accused me of being someone else I probably wouldn’t give them the time of day, much less waste my time answering their questions when they’re not going to believe the truth if it slapped them in the face.

  186. Puhlease! The way gc/mi pushes the report button I’m sure that this whole thing would have been reported and she would have this whole thing cleared up by now if she WASN’T both names.

  187. If you dont know what SL means, you dont need to know.

    But still leave GC/MI alone, she’s blunt, she speaks her mind, and it seems as if maybe she’s been blunt with most of you, maybe said the truth and you didnt like it?! Thats what Im gathering.
    Were all adults here, (I think) so why cant we all be Big kids, and drop this whole issue.
    Worry about other things!

  188. She did give me the time of day. She answered my messages, just refused to answer whether or not she was GC as well. If I was in her position and someone was accusing me of being someone else and I WASN’T, I would be denying it! Why wouldn’t you? It makes no sense other than she actually IS GC. And you don’t know me from Adam, how do you know I wouldn’t believe what she said? I could be on a loss board with you for all you know.

  189. Justquestions, your right I don’t know you, but the majority of people would not believe the truth if it was staring them in the face, I’m sorry I assumed you wouldn’t, but even you have to admit that the majority of drama starters/lovers, would only believe what they wanted to believe.

  190. Including you. 🙂

  191. ok for that matter I think we all as humans believe what we want, but I tend to lean more towards the believable, why would you question someone, (if you weren’t already questioning said person) if you had no reason other than what people posted here.. I don’t know, it just doesn’t seem fair that I’ve never seen a post on bbc trying to “call out” MI and GC but I come here and see this, why? Is this just to question someone, or is this to make a whole slew of people question this one person? What has she done other than “police” birth boards? I guess I just don’t understand why anyone especially these 2 women are in question…

  192. Shannon- I’m going to ASSUME that these two women are in question because thsese two women have stepped on other toes and they didn’t like it very much. But I could be wrong. I would assume again that maybe they just dont like how active MI is on the boards and that she actaully gives a damn about other people, but yet again I could be wrong. It’s all questions we’ll never have answers too. They all believe us greiving mothers use our losses for our benefit when in reality we do no such thing. So, who honestly knows.

  193. Why would anyone care how active she is on loss boards? That us the dumbest thing I have ever heard. She can lick asses on her grief boards, that is a non issue. The issue is her asserting herself in everyone else’s biz, where she is not a member!

  194. No, we don’t think ALL of the grieving mothers use their losses to get their way. But I firmly believe GI/MI does. I’ve seen it. It’s sad and pathetic. No matter what happens, it’s all because the entire BBC universe is out to get her and her precious loss boards. It gets a bit sickening.

  195. A fucking men.

  196. Oh and I love the assumptions that only a precious and elite few belong on loss boards. Part of that awful clique, gang, and divide that was mentioned earlier.

    • Ours is private, because we all talked on the Old BBC, and wanted to continue talking. So we made ours private, we share stuff that we dont want just anyone to read.
      Big deal. Boo-Fucking-whooooo!!

  197. Thank you Teeny’s aunt nancy! You said it just the way I feel about it. I belong on loss boards, but what is the sense of being there only to take up your precious member list and rarely ever get any responses to my questions? The last thing I have ever posted on a loss board was only answered by one person!!! And I actually know her from another board. I don’t understand why there is loss boards if you all are going to pick and choose who to support? Sure, MI/GC has had our disagreements, but I still feel like you are all in this tight clique (good for you!), while outsiders get pushed aside and you only respond to the regular posters. That’s not how a loss board should be ran!

    I’m not trying to get people to go against her, I’m just venting. I’ve tried to share my feelings with her, hoping that she might open her eyes and realize that I don’t grieve the way she’s grieving, and some of the things she says might be hurtful to other mothers, but she’s not budging. It’s kinda like her saying, “if you’re not gonna take my advice, I’m just wasting my time”. Well I don’t agree with her advice on how to grieve, and I’ve told her that, and she says that someday I’m gonna have to open up (which is true), but I’m not gonna open up to her after the way she has treated me.

    And maybe it’s just me…I’m a sensitive person, and since I lost my baby, that just intensified! I’m bothered by a lot of things, but I have no one to turn to. At least I feel that way.

    I could go on and on and on… but I’ll just be talking in circles. You all seem pretty nice though, and I’m sure that at least one of you would understand where I’m coming from. I guess that’s my point in coming back and commenting. I’m just looking for someone that I can confide in that has been there before. It sucks to have to look for it here where secrets are kept, but hey… I’ll take it.

    • Please Brokenhearted if you want to talk I’m here, I know exactly how you’re feeling, the pain of your loss, I lost my son at 33 weeks, I don’t visit the loss boards that often any more, but when I am there I’m usually quiet.. Pass me a note sometime on bbc if you want, mrsgoodwin78 is me..

      Our loss groups aren’t a clique, or gang or anything like that!! I’m sorry you guys feel that way!

  198. BrokenHearted- I’m sorry that you feel that way as well. I try my hardest to welcome every new greving mother to the loss boards that I am on, as well as offer my supprt on the board itself, or even though notes. I might not post on the boards as much as I was before, but my son’s angelversary is coming up next weekend, so I’ve kind of pulled back some. But Im always here. Feel free to pass me a note. Mommy2Ronny&Austin is my name on BBC.

  199. Proof that Girlyclown is MomInterrupted from her own mouth. GC’s first name is Christine as in her profile. Mominterrupted signed her 1st note as ~Xine. X is short for Christ, add “xine” and you’ve got “Christine”.

    Nothing against Hilaire or any of the women she knows. They don’t know her dark side.

    would you like to be a co owner of this group? pass me a note and let me know or post here..i am just lookig for one may 2 others that will be around and can welcome new people as the join. I have been trying to welcome each of you as you come aboard but i am afraird some of you may have slipped through the cracks.

    Posted 6/11/08
    I. Comments for Post (5)

    Please Note HIliare as accepted being one of our group owners… so aside from me if you need help wiht something in our groups she can hook you up. hugs ladies.

    Posted 6/21/2008
    Hello- i thought i would introduce myself- i am one of your new co-owners. i have had 2 losses (1st trimester EPG and a term stillbirth w/o cause) and a chemical PG, i am currently expecting and due at the end of summer.I know many of you do not know me, but i recently went through a peer support training program and i think that i will be grateful to have you ladies to lean on and i hope that in time you all will lean back.

    Posted 7/10/2008
    Xine glad to have you as one of the co-owners. I’m Hilaire 21yrs old angel mom of Christian(22wks)&Aliziah(35wks) who were both stillborn. congrats on your pregnancy

    Posted 7/12/2008
    nice to meet you HIlaire

    Posted 7/12/2008
    is there another person willing to be a co-owner? i think it would be a good idea…the suggestion was made that made that one of the active members would be a good addition. if you are interested… please let me know or hilaire… Hilaire i am away for the rest of the week and i know that christine will be too. so if some one says yes can you please add them..

    Posted 7/16/2008

    Back to Full Term & Infant Loss

  200. FYI…MI/GC knows about this blog, and is pissed, pissed, pissed. She is figuring out her revenge.

  201. Oh, and I am pretty sure she is the death troll as someone else suggested. I thought of that as soon as I saw it. She wants everyone thinking about death. Another part of her control issues. I can’t wait till I am proven correct. She is also a member of the Tech support group, she knows BBC doesn’t follow IP’s, she knows how to do it without being caught. She is going more and more insane as time goes by. Loss or not. Do not forget to all those she charmed, sociopaths are charming and helpful till they effing kill you.

    Someone, please tell me what is the SL group?

  202. How do you know all of this? Are you apart of her loss board? She is psycho for posting as 2 people on the same board. Christine is a pretty popular name though. Does she have anything about her losses that you could say is the same from both SN? And if she’s on the tech support group, there is no way we could do anything about her using both profiles in that manner. I remember a question being asked on the GO board about having 2 profiles, and basically Rebecca said that it wasn’t against guidelines if they weren’t using the 2 profiles to cause drama. I really haven’t seen her cause any real drama, besides complaining about everything else. I do see her as a control freak though, as most of us can see that by policing the boards.

    This is very interesting though. I’m curious to know what kind of revenge she’s plotting.

  203. Here is another example of how MI treats people that don’t agree with her. A friend sent her some email saying she had a hard time dealing with death, sorry she hasn’t been around. Well, MI/GC totally flipped it all around and took PLEASURE in HUMILIATING this woman as admited in her post on BBC from below:

    Post from BBC:

    mominterrupted • Pass a Note!
    Posted 1/25/2009
    LIZ i will not repeat what has been said, suffice it to say you friend can all together now ladies… SUCK IT! and then go fuck herself.

    i too lost a very dear friend when BG died. and when i wrote her an email basically saying hey where the hell did you go. she wrote back basically that she doesn’t deal wiht death and therefore would not deal with me.

    when i saw her recently in a public situation she kept saying hello to me in front of all the other mutual friends and i looked her square in the eye and said OH you see me? i thought you didn’t deal with death, but i guess the story is has changed now that you have a room full of buffer?or is that i now have a baby that lived? perhaps you like that better now you can pretend i never had the stench of death on me. Listen i don’t need that kind of friendship, FUCK YOU. she was HUMILIATED and i was glad.

    some people really don;t get it. i think you should save that letter and when she contact you later because she realizes she an ASSHAT email it back to her.
    ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ MomInterrupted♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

  204. Brokenhearted, you asked me if I was a part of HER loss boards. HERS? They are not HER loss boards! That is the whole point!That is why some of us can’t stand her. Yes, I am part of THE LOSS boards. Her meanness and fakeness makes me sick. Yes, you are correct, Mammaholic said there was nothing wrong with having 2 sn’s unless it was used to cause drama. I think the only way she could get in trouble is in the “messing with others’ experience on BBC” or something like that. Now with us knowing she has 2 sn’s and that they talk back to one another, she seems crazy.

    I started doubting GC way back when when she posted this on a vent (more from me below her vent):

    • • Date: May-27
    • From: girlyclown
    • Add to FriendsIgnore

    • •

    i confess-
    • i let the bills go past due every month since Lucy died and i couldn’t care less about how it is affecting my credit. becasue i am just not ready to deal wiht real life crap.
    • i would rather be at the cemetry than any place else on earth.
    • I can’t stand the sight of Pregos at the OBs office, on the ferry, or in any direct line of sight. i give them dirty looks.
    • i want to punch anyone that is yealling at a baby, or toddler.
    • if i could get away with snatching a 9 month girl i would do it.
    • I more than just dislike my SOs family i wish bad bad things would happen to them for all the hurt they have rained on him in is lifetime and in the last 9 months.


    First, she would STEAL another baby if she could? What kind of leader is she to say that? I can’t believe BBC still has her on and lets her control the groups as she does because of this comment. Second, she wishes bad things would happen to her SO’s family. What kind of person wishes that? That is SICK SICK SICK!

    As far as HER (enter sarcasm) MI/GC’s LOSS board that she OWNS, she takes it literally. She is always the one to stir the shit for her own gain. She claims her SIL is so evil, but there is no existence of her on the LOSS boards. GC/MI would rather make everyone uncomfortable on the LOSS boards, ooooh, mistake; HER LOSS boards JUST to flush out a relative that has never posted anything mean about her on BBC. If she really had compassion for others with loss and did not want them to feel uncomortable, she would NOT post as MI about cleaning out the group as she has numerous times because of “GC’s ESIL”. If ESIL is such a problem, she should deal with it personally! Yet, she makes HUNDREDS of women think the board is not safe because of her ESIL who I am pretty sure is Valair. Valair doesn’t even have the meannes of tone like GC/MI. She was on my bb. I think ESIL doesn’t exist and is yet another thing GC/MI uses!

    What people do not realize is that people help others for their OWN reasons, not because they are wanting to help that person. I believe GC/MI “helps” women because she is controllville. It makes her look good. She no doubt uses her loss, especially when it comes to her family. No doubt she is grieving, it is sad. I too have had a loss, but she has taken it to the sickening. You just need to take a step back and look at her from afar.

  205. She’s plotting her revenge? That totally made my day. Whenever I get annoyed at the stupidity tonight at my job, I’ll just think of that and have a good giggle to myself.

    B-R-I-N-G I-T.

    I’m waiting……….

  206. That is too funny!!! Seriously it is! With all that said, now I truly think she is more than a control freak, and that she is one sick vile bitch that is very negative, and I swear… she better watch what she says to other people because it will turn on her so fast, she’d probably wanna jump off a cliff. Believe, I’ve been there. I know what it feels like to have karma bite me in my ass. Example… I was very hurtful to my sister. I still can’t stand her, but I said something to her one day that would change MY life forever. I feel I lost my baby because of something I said to her. I will never EVER EVER treat another person the way I treated my sister because I know now that whatever I say or how I treat others will come back and haunt me a hundred times worst. And if MI/GC comes here and sees this, I really really hope that she takes my words seriously. Negative output = negative input. In other words… karmas a bitch, whatever you do to others will come back at you!

    That’s all I have to say…

    I’ve already hit rock bottom, so anything she says to me can’t hurt me anymore than she already has. She can’t do anything physical (unless she’s the devil) to me. What is she going to do? Send my computer a virus? Ah, my computer sucks anyway so whatevers!!!
    Like V&S says BRING IT!!!

  207. As a mental health provider I see this often. Parents get so stuck and obsessed with their grief they create a world that revolves around it. Instead of living in the now and enjoying the living child(ren) they have, they resort to staying with the pain of their loss as if it is a “loyalty” to their child who passed. They almost feel it is a betrayal to move on, and really the betrayal is to their living children by not moving into the present.

    Have you guys ever watched the new show OBSESSED on A & E? There is a woman who was keeping the remains of her miscarriage in her freezer. These are people that literally cannot stop living the height of grief- it defines them, it almost comforts them, they don’t know how to be without it, grief has become their loyal friend, their trusty shadow.

    Now, as for the anger and talk of revenge- Whoa…

    Where did that come from? What kind of revenge are we talking? Is she discussing this on her private loss board?

    I believe SL is for Still born Loss group. (?)

  208. Is she discussing this on her private loss board?

    ~I know for a fact she’s not brought up anything on the FTIL board, I know this because I’m a co-owner of this board, so I see what is being posted and all that stuff.

    Anyways, I talked to MI the other day, in regards to this whole thing on here, and she told me to ask her if I wanted too, and I informed her, that it really doesn’t matter to me. She’s never given me any reason to not trust her, or be there for her. She’s never been mean or rude to me. If GC/MI are the same people, that’s her business not anyone elses. Some people have reason why they have another name on BBC, why is it everyone else business? I still can’t believe you people are still bad mouthing her, because she’s trying her hardest to make BBC a safe place for bereaved parents. If more people were like that, then our bereaved mothers wouldn’t have such a hard time fitting in.

    If you’ve never dealt with grief from losing your very own child, then you’ll never understand what MI/GC or any of us other bereaved parents go thorugh or are going through. Everyone grives differently, it’s not that easy to let go, and finally realize that our baby isn’t coming back, or going through all the “What ifs”, so you’ll never fully understand where we’re coming from, UNLESS you’ve been in our shoes. So stop ragging on a bereaved mother and move on. It’s pretty heartless to tell a bereaved parent to get over their loss, you NEVER EVER get over that loss, no matter when it was. But I could sit here and say this until I was blue in the face and you still will never understand.

  209. It is almost akin to a racial discussion “stop ragging on a bereaved woman”. We are not ragging on the fact that she lost a child, so stop using that as your reason to call us monsters- that in itself is “using the death card”.

    No one can understand the pain- we fucking get that- and don’t assume we haven’t been through losses of our own. mmmk?

    That is why this is posted on mamadramaunderground, because you gang like mom’s are so quick to pull the “death card” again- just like the race card. it is annoying and we are all so fucking sick of it! PUKE PUKE PUKE.

    Who’s the body guard on duty today?

    Girly Clown/ MI is bossy, rude, and thinks she rules BBC and we are over her and her antics. Hopefully this is the beginning of the end of her bossiness. then again, she is probably off starting two new mirror profiles HA.

    People esp. Mods treat her differently and with much higher authority because she is from the loss group(s) and that is unfortunate. We should all hold the same credibility regardless of what groups we originate from.

  210. She is in a lot of private groups. Does anyone know what the Welcome Wagon is? she co-owns more groups with the MODS than anyone else. She is a MOD wannabe.

    Oh, and M2R and A. She wont answer anyone. people have asked her. she thinks she is above answering. and yeah, guess you are not in her inner circle cause she is def talking about it. If you are an administrator of the FTIL Loss boards, isn’t there an admin board for this kind of shit? Bet she’s talking about it on there, too. Fess up and let us know.

    Despite my personal feelings about her the pic/words above are about
    1. She used to come off as an incredible person with a story so sad we all felt so much for her. Her story brought us all to tears and our hearts swelled with love and empathy for her.
    2. Then you became someone else. She changed on the boards. Not just her sn. She became insanely bossy, if you weren’t on her side or saw things her way she would dose you with fire and light u up.
    3. That turned her into a bitch.
    4. We all know who you are. She started using the MI sn on 7/6/08 and GC said a goodbye the same day. Right after GC mentions that her BF Wats got bitched at by family for things she said. Right after he went to some funeral and the family did not want her there. to get him not to go she started acting crazy running around their house and lookin for the baby in hysterics thinking the baby was alive.

    She is two-faced with her double identity. MI logs on in many instances and then GC logs on or vice versa. MI usually defends GC. They answer each other and have the exact same writing styles. use the same words.

    5. Stop policing BBC. She is up the MODS ASS and maybe you don’t see it. If she wants something from them she is NICE, but if someone else doesnt see her way she is mean, mean , mean. She desperately needs attention from autority. She uses BBC and spends hours and most of the day on there. That is extreme.
    6. And Get over yourself. She thinks she is better than everyone else. She thinks (well, I don’t know what she thinks). She ACTS like she should be handled with kid gloves because the universe gave her a raw deal. Believe me, everyone gets a raw deal at one time or another.
    7. and your grief already and move on. I think what this means, M2# and A, is that she uses every single opportunity to make something out of her grief. That can be good, but she is out of control and OT with it. She has a new baby and it is has been what? 2 years almost? WE get that it is traumatic. We get it changes you forever. We get that you never get over the loss of a child. WE get that everyone takes their own time. WE GET THAT!

    For a while, she had more pictures of her loss than of her alive baby on the boards. She still does. That is not moving on.
    Let me tell you something else about GC/MI. Despite her description of her seemingly great “gigs” and being friends with celebrities. She is so low on the totem pole in that arena. She is a part-time seamstress and a clown. Not that there is anything wrong with that. Her profile is made to sound greater than it is. She even said something once about her “fan base”. That is laughable. She really had nothing all that meaningful in her life before her baby died. Like Dr. Tara said, this grief has given her purpose and she is clinging to it. It is defining her. Now she is worse. She has even gone to Washington DC to promote stillbirths. she is now going to fucking conferences on losses. talk about being defined by your loss. she didnt even fucking finish high school. she had no training in anything. most people that do that have ph.D’s. Good that she is going, but she is extreming with it.

    Oh, and M2R&A and all the mothers with loss. I am very sorry for your losses. I know so many women IRL with tragic losses. More tragic than hers. I have said so (in a nicer way), but that is too much competition for her. I know women whose 1st baby died at full term, then they needed a hysterectomy! woman at 43 who FINALLY went to fullterm after years of infertility and then her baby DIED!! So many more. they do not act like many of the women on BBC.

    I guess you don’t remember when she first joined the LOSS boards. She bitched other women out (including me) because THEY did not know how she felt because she had a TERM loss and they only had a loss at 20 or 30 weeks. Then she started the Full-term loss thread on OBBC and added the term (37+ weeks). She offended a lot of women then. Now she has changed her tune so as to become more accepted. She touts that a loss is a loss, but that is not how she acted in the beginning. Others had no right to feel like she did if their baby didn’t make it to full term and THEN die. All I can say is go find the arhives of old BBC.

    Shannon, you can’t call someone out on BBC, you know that. that is why it is being discussed here without bbc policing.

    Here is her revenge plan. She is going to find out who every single one of us are. she will find our sn on bbc. she will stalk us and watch us like a hawk. she will report on something we do or not or think of a way it fits into the rules. she will try to get us banned by using her status. she will try to get this blog shut down. She has already notified the bbc Gods of this. what else? depends on how crazy this makes her. she probably has dolls that she has sewn of all of us now and is stabbing them with needles!

    FWIW, I caught my baby coming out of me when he died. i abrupted suddenly at 27 weeks. i thought i saw him take a breath, thought i saw his ribs move. when the story came out a while back that preemi was still alive in the morgue, that is what i used to think about my baby. But hey, my loss was ONLY at 27 weeks! I did not count in GC’s eyes. I don’t have pictures to be reoutched. Ya should have known GC in the early days.

    i did not send in this picture and words, but i couldn’t agree more.

    and also, if my interpretation is not what the original poster meant, i am sorry.

    and get this other loss/bereaved ladies. I am one, too. So don’t go there, this isn’t about picking on a lady that has had a loss. This is about a nasty, bitcy woman who is two-faced who had HAPPENED to have a loss and uses it to discredit others. That is what the ladies on the loss boards have done so many times. Gang up on the women that are uncomfortable with loss, question something or god forbid disagree with MI/GC.

  211. Ummmm… I am fairly certain that I the one who started the living baby in the inbox issue at BBC, so why is someone else being blamed for it?

    And bringing up posts that are more than a year old and/or from the old BBC? Klassy. Who the fuck has time to stalk someone for that long? And what is the point? Do you get a special prize for archiving and publishing private discussions? Or are you just crazy? That’s what I want to know.

    And teeny – you only get cred at BBC if people feel you are deserving of cred. It’s kinda like respect that way. You reap what you sow. Think on it.

  212. Wow ShootingStar, excellent post. That is exactly what I took out of this too. I’m very sorry to hear of your experience with MI/GC, and of your loss especially no one should have to go through anything like that. NO ONE, including MI/GC.

    If I recall (I read this a few days ago) I don’t think MI was being blamed for that thread, but I know she did pop up in there and throw her two cents in saying that OMG so not right about seeing living babies in an inbox on Babycenter.

  213. Oh, and as far as the “revenge”, how does she expect to find out who any of us are? That’s laughable.

  214. Thank you Just Questions. No, i do not think she started the live baby question but did throw in her 2 cents as said.

    Me. (s’s mom). you just have to search for archives, i dont archive anything. you are insuating that i am stalking. Klassy yourself. private discussions? why can GC/MI publish private discussions and information, but we can not? you know she has if you are who you say you are.

    Andtellng people that they reap what they sow? that is talking about crops. like karma. sorry, it is bullshit. no one deserves bad things to happen to them. No one deserves to lose a baby unless they have fucked up their body somehow while pregnant with drugs and shit.

    S’s mom: I am not crazy, are you? we are just saying it is a double standard she held. dead babies must be on birth boards, but live babies cannot be on loss boards. if you received that in your inbox, that is a whole nother story and was not presented that way. GC/MI made it seem like the whole loss boards were being bombarded by pictures of what you said happened. case in point: her exaggerations of loss to get something.

    Sorry you were so upset, but my goodness, it was blown way out of proportion by her.

  215. I want to edit to add that even women that have fucked up their body with drugs and shit as i stated earlier DO NOT deserve to lose their babies. it is just if you do something like that, you cant expect a good outcome.

  216. Oh, and bringing up the posts from more than a year old. it just proves my point. in fact, it was the loss board ladies that arhived the loss board posts so in the switch over to the NBBC that stories would not get lost. even still, there are other ways to search for archived information. every single word on the internet is archived somewhere.

  217. BAN HER!!!!!!!! Maybe she’ll take her fingers off her iphone and laptop and care for her child and live in the REAL WORLD. Psycho, I saw this coming soooo lonnnng ago.

  218. Well, obviously someone wants her to get over her loss or it would have never been brought up in the original message in the first place. Thats why we mothers the bereaved ones are having a fit about it, or you do not comprehend that?

    I also never assumed that none of you have never had a loss. Never once said that. My statement about it was if you HAVE never experienced one, you dont know what we go through, so that was basically towards the ones who have never been through a loss.

    Anyways, I dont know how MI has been in the past, I didn’t join the FTIL group until Jan09, didn’t become a co-owner til a couple months later, because I’m further into my grief/healing than most. As long as I have known MI on the FTIL board, she’s never been rude, bitchy, or heartless to anyone. If she is anywhere else on BBC, then I don’t know about it cause I don’t go floating around BBC that often, I normally stick to the groups I post on often, UNLESS I happen to see something about someone losing a child, and try to offer a shoulder for that person.

    Sure we have a FTIL admin group, and the last time I checked it, there was nothing mentioned of this “Get Over Yourself” thing. But I will double check and make sure, cause I haven’t checked it in the last couple of days.

  219. Ok, I am back now. I’ve done a search on the FTIL Admin group and there isn’t anything about this on there. I’ve done a search on the FTIL group itself, and there isn’t anything mentioned there either. So exactly where is she talking about this uproar at? I’d love to know, or are you guys just blowing smoke up your asses?

  220. No, Mand R, i do not believe the message is saying get over your loss, it is saying get over your grief. it is not the same thing. i also Think the original poster did not mean that in the way it comes across.

    The uproar is in her private stuff that I guess you are not in.

    There is no smoke, but even if it is, where there is smoke there is fire. Thanks for checking your group. Ask her. I bet if you do you will get kicked out on your ass fast.

  221. OMFG M2R7A:
    Well, obviously someone wants her to get over her loss or it would have never been brought up in the original message in the first place. Thats why we mothers the bereaved ones are having a fit about it, or you do not comprehend that?

    DEATH CARD, DEATH CARD, DEATH CARD. Fucking stop it, pull your head out MI’s big crazy ass and breathe in some fresh air why dontcha. Its not ABOUT the death of her daughter. Its not about bereaved mothers. ITS NOT ABOUT YOU AS A BEREAVED MOTHER, SO SHUT THE FUCK UP!

  222. to clarify once more. no one is telling her to get over her grief, just stop using it.

    Secondly to clarify, when i say private stuff, it is not all that private when HUNDREDS and THOUSANDS are able to view it.

  223. Sorry for your loss (seriously) but DUDE you are barking up the wrong tree with the ‘get over it’ crap. No one that has posted has agreed to that part. If you read back up to the beginning it is very clear no one on here is even talking about that part anymore but YOU. If you are going to bitch about it, bitch to the person who sent it in. No one that is commenting now is EVEN talking about that and no one has AGREED with it. It’s about MI/GC being a maniac and a liar. Oh I’m sorry, not a liar but someone that just won’t come out with the truth about being both users. Like it takes a genuis to figure that one out anyway.

  224. What’s up with the broken heart pic with band aids all over it. Why not use a pic of her living child? I think you can share the pain of loss through helping others without dwelling in that part of your life- JMO.

    I have exp. a loss and am in the loss groups but I don’t understand the dwelling that you guys speak of. I don’t post much because it makes me sad, and I feel there is a time and place to talk about the losses, but it is important to discuss future and current children too. i try to help my friends with losses by helping them enjoy the good things now and that will come as you smell the flowers, take in the sun, and enjoy your family. Some of these chicks just seem to enjoy the “prestige” of their groups and the immense bond of grief. that is good to a point, but it can also become a very unhealthy negative thing as well.

  225. shooting star- you are amazing. your story was very compelling, and touching. Right on point.

  226. I have an idea. Why doesn’t MI/GC start her own website and she can be the owner and the mod and she can control everything and have it surround her grief, pain, and confusion, and she can babysit everyone else on her site.

    Maybe we could suggest some domain names?

  227. MI/GC must make one rotten clown.

  228. Well, it looks as if the revenge plan is right on track! Here is a thread I lifted from the 2nd and 3rd tri loss group: And don’t anyone get on my ass about it being “private”! What? is has like 6000 members!

    Poor Sheysheyangelmom. She asked and got her hand bit off!!! I guess GC/MI never liked her because her baby took a breath. OK, that is a little mean of me, but i swear she thinks like that!

    Have awkward questions, which lead to awkardness.

    SheySheyanglemom • Pass a Note!
    Posted 7/4/09
    This is not easy to write, but ill get straight to the point!. there has been some talk that girlyclown is the same person as mominterrupted. i know that it is not against guidelines to have 2 sn’s, but i have talked to both women pan. would you mind explaining, gc or mi? some of us are just plain weirded out. just please explain and do not take my asking as a personal attack. I am not against you. i think we need and deserve to know.
    Sawn 9/15/05 Autism, Aspergers,living
    Sheyna due Fri, Feb 13th born too early at 35 weeks 1/9/09. Fought to stay on this earth for 2 hours.
    Report this

    SheySheyanglemom • Pass a Note!
    Updated 22 hours ago
    I ask because it seems to be the elephant in our group. everyone’s upset and it is not being dealt with. Just an honest explanation would be nice.
    Sawn 9/15/05 Autism, Aspergers,living
    Sheyna due Fri, Feb 13th born too early at 35 weeks 1/9/09. Fought to stay on this earth for 2 hours.
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    jenfnolf • Pass a Note!
    Updated 17 hours ago
    Wow, I had not heard that one and I’ve been a part of this group for almost a year…
    Lily Angeline born into Heaven 8/3/08~ Lily’s blog
    Rainbow baby set to arrive December 2009!
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    SheySheyanglemom • Pass a Note!
    Updated 9 hours ago
    well, girlyclown just removed me from the FTIL group.
    Sawn 9/15/05 Autism, Aspergers,living
    Sheyna due Fri, Feb 13th born too early at 35 weeks 1/9/09. Fought to stay on this earth for 2 hours.
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    Mrs. K. Payne • Pass a Note!
    Updated 6 hours ago
    even if the two are the same….I don’t care one way or the other, both…,ermmmmm, or the same person (people) are great people…..
    Cloth diapering Mom to Joshua (6), Gwenevere, (20months)and ^Richard Lee^, Guardian to Austin (14yrs)
    Check out: My Blog
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    jenell_ca • Pass a Note!
    Updated 5 hours ago
    I’m not sure why this matters either way. If you have questions or issues about being removed from a group, you should go to that person privately. If it is not answered or resolved, you should go to another GO or a mod. Not trying to be rude but I don’t feel like posting a public comment about it on this board is appropriate.
    Missing my 3 baby girls everyday
    ^M^, stillborn 12/15/07 ^A^&^A^, born too soon 11/04/08
    Rainbow Baby Due 12/
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    km5875 • Pass a Note!
    Updated 5 hours ago
    I agree with jenell_ca . If she does isn’t it like having two emails one for work one for play? I think she/they are doing a good thing here with theses groups.
    Krissy(27) in love with Nathan(28) since the 3rd grade;
    Stepmom to Cheyenne 5yrs;
    Mother to My Angel Alex 3-10-09(30wks)
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    peanut&boo • Pass a Note!
    Updated 3 hours ago
    Wow…Ummm, this is a pregnancy loss board.We are not here to discuss personal issues you have with someone on this board. I would suggest if you have an issue with someone, that you contact them directly, not post it on a loss board.
    I don’t know, maybe I’m out of line here, but it just seems pretty disrespectful to the rest of us that are here to talk about our losses.
    Wife to Chris since 6/25/05
    Mommy to Kaylyn (11/20/06) and Jackson (2/21/08) Missing my angel baby, lost @ 15 weeks (4/2/09) 
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    SheySheyanglemom • Pass a Note!
    Updated 59 minutes ago
    Yes, iknow this is a pg and loss board. that is why i am here! who says we arent here to discuss personal issues?
    i for one do not like how finding out our leader has 2 sn’s has messed up my being comfortable on this community site. i have shared painful, personal info. it is the same as lying, imo. what else is being lied about? perhaps you think me disprespectful, but i think the other is deceitful.
    Sawn 9/15/05 Autism, Aspergers,living
    Sheyna due Fri, Feb 13th born too early at 35 weeks 1/9/09. Fought to stay on this earth for 2 hours.
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    I am anxious to hear back from Mommy2Ronny&Austin and the other group owners as to why this happened. I amsure GC got pissed and deleted her.

    • You know I’m a member of the 2nd and 3rd trimester loss board and do NOT like you snatching posts from there to post here, that’s a fucking shady cunt move!!

  229. Another example of her heady power. Shesheyangelmom did not do anything against guidelines, but was then booted from the group?

  230. Here is another post where GC admits that her parents know she is a meanie:

    • Date: 6/3/28
    • To: All
    • From: girlyclown
    • Add to FriendsIgnore

    my 2 cents for what it’s worth.
    Does you mom hve a ke to your house?
    is the answer NO?
    then if she comes when you said it isn’t a good time for a visit then DO NOT ANSWER THE DOOR! Don’t pick them up.

    IMO grown ups with their own places need not do what their parents want. Unless you mom is paying your rent and bill your house your rules…

    I am not in this situation, because we have NO family near by and my MOM & dad know full well what a meanie i can be if they try to tell me how to do something, but they will be coming to stay after the baby is born mostly to help around house with the things my SO and I won’t be able to do.
    Peace, Light and Love,
    Lucy’s Mom, Christine
    Click Lucy’s Pic 4 our blog

    The way she signed out, GC “Peace, Light and Love” makes me want to puke. What a hypocrite in that little sentence she makes herself out to be!!! VOMIT

  231. This is a touchy subject… talk about DRAMA!!! It has been an interesting 3 days. I’m wondering when this MI/GC chick is planning to make her grand entrance. She sounds like a real winner. Is see her post all over the GO boards… it’s fucking ridiculous. I bet you she’s a lesbo behind closed doors because she’s all up the MODS ass! As soon as she opens her mouth, they jump for her. What is so special about this chick anyway? Why you all backing her up? I understand that you all have lost your babies, hey… I’ve lost some too, but shit… I don’t go prancing my little ass around BBC expecting people to fucking feel sorry for me. I can just see some ugly ass lady walking around all high and mighty, pulling that “You don’t know what I’ve been through, so shut the fuck up cause you ain’t shit”. I know you all hurting and wanna look for someone to confide in and wanna fit in, but all things can’t always go your way. It’s a Goddamn internet forum for fucks sake! There will be the bitches that are honest and tell it like it is, there are also bitches that can dish the shit, but can’t take it, and then there’s people like her that makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside with one user name, and the next is like… fuck you bitch… I hate you… off my board *proceeds to “remove from group” button*… all because someone decided to be bold and confront her bitchin’ ass! That is a fuckin’ sad life if you ask me. She needs to fuckin’ wake the fuck up and get her rude bitchin’ ass back to reality. Life isn’t about going through woes… If that’s the way she wants to live… then so be it cause all she going get out of life is woes. And I totally agree with the “get over your grief”… there is a time to grieve, but to live it your whole life and try not to get passed that is only gonna make the whole bigger. But hey, if that’s what she wants, then whatever… her life… not mine!!!

  232. GC-MI is a totally bitch. She needs to be thrown off her high horse!!!!! Asap.

  233. Ok, about the banning issue with SheyShey, any GO could have banned her and it would have come up as GirlyClown, because GC was the maker of the group. I don’t know personally why the ban was done, but I will be asking around and figuring things out. I wasn’t online that much yesterday since it was the 4th of July, so I have things to catch up on.

    I don’t have my head shoved up anyone’s ass. So dont assume anything because I am defending a fellow mother, no matter whose being talked about, I will defend. It’s who I am.

    I am not throwing the death card out there, I don’t use my grief to get my way, hell not everyone knows about my loss, except on the grief/loss boards. I do see where it say “get over your grief”, I think I’ve been misreading that this whole time, or didn’t pay 100% attention to it, my apologies, but yet again no one gets over their grief.

    I think it was a fucked up thing to say in regards to MI/GC being pissed because someone’s child took a breathe and her’s didnt, that’s heartless, cold, and you sound like a major bitch.

    Also, I don’t know anything about what the hell is going on, especally if it’s before Jan 09, because I didn’t start coming to the private loss group until then, before that I was on a public loss group, which I’m still on but it’s not very busy.

    Anyways, I’m not sure if I missed anything, please let me know if I did and Ill answer it the best I can.

  234. M2R&A,
    OK, I appreciate you trying to look at this objectively. i understand defending and that is who you are. the difference with you is that you defend, but you still seem to have logic and an open ear.

    sorry if you think it is a fucked up thing to say that she is pissed because someone’s child took a breath and hers did not. i was half-joking, even though it is a sick joke. This is kind of a sick thread! you do not know how many times she went on and on about her not getting a birth certificate and her child not recognized as being born BECAUSE her child did not take a breath. i am only using her words in that. No one thinks her child wasn’t born and exists!! i think she needed MAJOR validation prior to having childrenand then comes the fact that the state does not give her a birth certificate somehow unvalidates her in her mind. She goes on and on about how her child WAS born. i get that, everyone does. No one is denying her child was born and here. why is she so vehemently defending that point? That point that she needs validation coupled with that has fucked her mind up even further. i cant help but think it is true she feels some jealousy toward women whose children did take a breath BECAUSE she feels like her baby was not validated because her baby did not take one. She purportedly did not like women claiming major grief if their loss was not a stillbirth during labor before 37 weeks. I will giver her that she may have changed her mind on that having read how everyone else feels about their losses. on the face it seems heartless, but think about it.

    You can call me a heartless bitch, but I am not. Probably you should call me an Analyzing Bitch. LOL,
    does that clarify what i said and make me less heartless sounding? my child did not take a breath in fact. i thought so, but you know how those moments last in your head and you question, question, question them.

  235. ShootingStar- Ok, thanks for explaining what you meant. When you first wrote it, yes it sounded heartless. Remember, I wasn’t around in the beginning of this whole thing, so I’m still pretty much in the dark. But I can also understand where she was coming from about not getting a birth certificate, I mean hell I’d have been pissed off too, if I gave birth to a child and the child was not recognized by the hospital because the child did not take a breath.

    I can honestly say, that I did not like women (mostly my exSILs) because they had all their children and I did not have mine. I thought it was unfair that I had to suffer and loss, and they didn’t. But, I got passed that, it was part of my grief process. So, I can somewhat understand where she wouldn’t like others because of how she was feeling. I hope that makes sense.

    I’m not all that familiar with still birth losses, I’ve never experienced one, so I don’t know how long those moments would stay in mind, but I do know how it feels to question anything and everything though, no matter the type of loss, you’ll have those questions.

    I’m not trying to step on anyone’s toes, or try to change anyone’s minds about anything, because as I stated before, I wasn’t here in the beginning, but as long as I’ve known MI, she’s been nothing but respectful and caring to me, and that’s the way I view her, I’ve never seen her be mean to anyone, so I just have different opinions.

  236. M@R&A,

    You’ve never seen her ben mean to anyone, OK. She was pretty mean to her Sil who was a valid member of the boards. She was mean to some of the drama mamma’. She is very sneaky now about her meanness and it is PANs. She is very good about using the rules, especially these days, going as far as she can. She also has preferential treatment from the MODS.

    Here is the note she wrote on her SIL’s bb. I do not have what valair wrote, but it was something along the lines of “today was my sister’s and sil’s angelversarry”. i rememember ecause valair said that both her sister and her sil’s baby died on the same day years apart. no names were mentioned and no one would have known the connection between valair and GC/MI had she not posted to valair’s birth board. the bb host defended valair:

    • Date: 7:00 PM
    • To: Valair
    • From: girlyclown
    • Add to FriendsIgnore

    • Report as Violation
    • Print
    • Send to a Friend
    • Bookmark
    • 20200.79

    VALAIR- don’t mention my kid in your post!

    1st of all i am not your SIL, and my kid was not your niece as far as i am concern you have no claim to her. i am not married into your messed of piece of crap family. and secondly you have no clue what what you are talking about stick to what you know… DRAMA, BS and BACKSTABBING CRAP.

    You act like you were so attached to my kid but it is not the case if you continue to post about my kid and her death on this board i will report you to the MODs.

    IF She mean so much to you that your entire bassakwards family failed to call on her birthday Your a piece of work you know that!

    get a life and leave ours alone!

    Lucy’s Mom, Christine
    Click Lucy’s Pic 4 our blog

    • Date: 7:12 PM
    • To: girlyclown
    • From: bcHOST4x a mommy
    • Add to FriendsIgnore

    • Report as Violation
    • Print
    • Send to a Friend
    • Bookmark
    • 20200.80

    I’m not exactly sure where that came from but Val did nothing wrong in her post. I’m sorry if there is bad feelings there but she didn’t break any rules with that post.

    I’m sorry for your loss as well. I’m sure that this is a hard time for you.

  237. Another example of how she will disrupt a LOSS community just to deal with her own vendetta against her Sil. From what I understand, the Sil and the family keep tabs on her because she has threatened them and divulged their personal information. Sil received death threats and the lawyer connected it to GC. You had to be active to catch it all as most was removed from BBC. GC is a real bitch, she posted her sil’s name AND her kids’ names and where they lived. The more I dig into this, the more evident it becomes that GC/MI is a very hateful human being.

    Here is another post:
    Aug 6 thread
    please welcome the following new members..

    Amanda K mommy to Emma LaRue 9/1/07 & Logan Thomas 8/4/08

    Enrica – Mommy to Evie 8/28/07

    also i would like to invite the members of this group that have not posted yet to at least let one of the group owners know a little bit more about your self if you don’t mind.

    Christine & watson were once again contacted by Watson’s family, somehow information form our group is getting to the ESIL. we suspect she maybe lurking on this thread. please pass a note to Christine, myself, Michelle, Courtney or Hilaire just to let us know you saw this note. if we do not hear from you we will assume you would like to be removed from the group.

    As a private group our one and only rule is that NONE of the info posted on this board ever be shared with member outside of the group.

    Posted 8/6/08
    Pass a Note!
    Report this

    II. Comments for Post (2)

    Amanda – ((((HUGS)))) Please feel free to talk here – we will try our best to help you as much as we can. ((((HUGS))))

    Enrica – Hey lady!

    Being private here is not just for Christine – but for all of us. Our hearts have been broken into a million pieces. We need someplace to be able to talk about ANYTHING!!!! We should not have to worry that our thoughts and feelings are being broadcasted to the world. We need a place of no judgment and no conflict. Our hearts have been through enough.

    I better get back to work.


    Updated 57 minutes ago
    Pass a Note!
    Report this Post a comment
    Karry – you know that is true i am sorry i failed to mention that.. it was an over sight on my part.

    the other thing that makes havigna private group nice is that we have so few “safe” places where we can openly share our children. FOr some of us the Real world is not accpeting of you little babies and their pictures are NOT a welcomed sight.

    One f the the things Christine has mentioned to me numerous times is that being able to openly speak about our kids, and to share their pictures here among the friends we have created is an important aspect of our healing. with out that safety we have little more than a social network.

    I know that over the last year i have witnessed people turn away from me just because i have had a loss. it is heartbreaking as if they might catch it.


  238. Oh, would not a post like this be considered to be disrupting the group? If this were posted anywhere else on BBC, she would have been banned. Again, here is the preferential treatment. Again, there is the gang mentality because she is referring to the loss members and a safe haven. Better not mess with that OR ELSE is how I read it.

  239. holy crap, why haven’t more spoken out??? Why has this been allowed to happen? This woman is a fucking tyrant!!!!!

    her poor family. holy shit.

    how is her loss more important that her SILs loss?

  240. Can someone put out an APB for Valair? I would love to hear from HER DIRECTLY.

  241. Does anyone find it weird that no one is talking about this on bbc? Is everyone really that afraid of this cunt?

  242. I find it really weird that no one is talking about this on BBC!

    It is probably all PAN, but you can still get kicked out if you pass the wrong person a note.

  243. Right now I just wish someone would stick a Secret Sparkler up someone’s ass. What a joke.

  244. I think it’s really really fucked up to bring our topics of conversations on our loss threads to this board, shooting star you are shady.. I am sorry for your loss, but you’re still shady, posting shit that’s supposed to be private.. So you’re trying to prove a point, trying to get people to believe you, you’re sounding as bad as what you’re accusing mominterrupted, and girlyclown of doing.. Judging by your disgust and hate for her, you must really live in a glass house!!

  245. MI/GC has the crazies!

  246. lookie lookie it looks like girly clown/ mi has finally joined the fun. YAY.

    FUCK you GC / MI aka split personalities for being a cunt to the world, and for thinking other people can’t bring shit here. YOU FUCKING bring your personal life into the boards so why do you think others can’t bring shit here? No one is exploiting baby stories, they are only exploiting YOU for what you are. A BITCH.

    I haven’t seen anyone making fun of someone’s grief or baby that passed, so fuck yourself and stop using that LOSS GROUP being private as a HIDE OUT for being a CUNT to the world. YOU FUCKING SUCK and everyone is on to your antics. Your own family hates you.

  247. Shooting Star has the BALLS to stand up to YOU girly clown, so go ahead and call her shady. BIG fucking deal. YOU STILL SUCK. YOU SUCK.

  248. And you know damn well anything that even seems remotely bitchy gets labeled and removed especially if GC/ MI calls attention to it. So no discussion could ever take place in any board without her running to her dyke friends.

  249. Haha I love that all that’s mentioned in that post is the safety of GC/MI. Why is she so important? EVERYONE should be equal. No one is above anyone else. Absolutely ridiculous. Get off your fucking high horse already.

  250. Oh and I personally am not going to risk my BBC membership for your stupid ass. 🙂

  251. yeah i love how all the thousands of members have to be concerned about GC/ MIs fucking psycho family issues. Ummm does anyone see an issue with that?? HELLO people.. CRAZY cannot be fixed.

  252. Fed up, who are you talking to? Esplain plssss

  253. Oh sorry, someone asked why this wasn’t being discussed on BBC. I’m not willing to risk my membership there over GC/MI is what I meant.

  254. I bet she is loving all this attention. Part of the illness.

  255. I am sure she is FRANTICALLY trying to figure out who is C & P ing conversations here (HA HA) a control issue… breach in security…


    GET HELP. If not for you and the world (and sparing them your almighty cuntness) for your adorable son. Kthnxbai.

  257. I am sure her live child will always feel like he never will live up to the other child she memorializes on a hour by hour basis.

    I can see it now. Child feels inferior, unwanted, displaced….

    heartbreaking really.

    • you call yourself a mental health professional, but yet you’re going on and on about her living child?

      And for the record I’m not mominterrupted, nor am I girly clown..

  258. ^^^ my thoughts exactly.

  259. I totally agree. He’s always going to live in the shadow of his “older” sister. It is really heartbreaking. I’ve never seen mention of him.

  260. Now that in itself is worth starting a LOSS group over. That is the true tragedy/ A living child that is going to be left behind.

  261. does anyone have the link for her blog?

  262. You should be pissed Christine, you were caught. Boo fucking hoo.

  263. Mods for GC/MI – funny name! That is exactly my point! She wants thousands of pissed off women to take up her cause ad make them further pissed off! Yeah, you can’t fix crazy.

    It kinda makes me sad that no one got my stick a Secret Sparkler up the ass joke!!! Ya gotaa be on BBC to know that one!

    1– pissed –off –greiving– mother: Don’t slap me in the face and then, oh tell me how sorry you am for your loss! Fuck you. Are you really girlyclownmominterrupted? What makes you think I hate her? I personally have no reason to hate her other than she is annoying to me. Her family hates her not me!

    Why am I shady? Answer me that? What is so damn shady about saying the truth? What’s shady is YOU ARE gcmi and you can’t even come out and say it. THAT’s shady, motherfucker!

    • Your fucking shady for posting private posts you and no I’m not girlyclown nor mominterrupted. what makes me think you hate her, hm lets see you stalked archived posts they’ve posted, you took her posts out of our PRIVATE boards and posted them here….. with OTHER BOARD MEMEBER’S NAMES IN THEM!!!! That in and of it’s self is a slight invasion of the women NOT involved in this privacy, don’t you agree?? Or did you go to every single one of those women who’s names are on those posts and ask their permission for it to be used here? NO I don’t think you did, and for that that is why I think your one shady person. Call me all the names you want, and say what you want to me, I am sorry for your loss, but that doesn’t mean I have to agree with your shady behaviour, sorry chicky!!

      For your information, and to prove I’m not gc/mi, I lost a SON!!!!!!! Also to an abruption, that almost killed me, so now what?

  264. I missed this one, aunt teency….APB for Valair!

  265. Perhaps there is a third sn that is used… Maybe she makes mention of her son with that one. If she has the time, considering the 22-23 hours of the day she spends being a nazi on bbc.

  266. A fucking MEN shooting star.

    You are not the one hiding behind makeup and an UGLY fucking mask.

  267. I think the worst part of this whole thing is how STUPID she must think every person she comes into contact with on the boards must be if she thought this would never be noticed.

    It’s been known for MONTHS. Literally for the past 6 months.

    I really hope this has opened eyes…

  268. No, I don’t think she has a 3rd screen name because I don’t think she enjoys parenting her live child enough for that. I know that sounds harsh but I think it is the truth.

    Her time on BBC is devoted to Lucy and sharing in that grief. period.

    now that she is outed, she may come up with two more screen names. And become the NEW owner of the board LOL, but I do not think she has been operating under a 3rd.

    However, maybe if her little cool aid drinking fans weren’t too afraid to come and join us they could shed some more light. However, she has probably scared them to death by telling them they will be hung if they speak to the dark side. HA HA.

  269. I made Watson wear his clown suit when he fucked me last night.

  270. OH, I am LOL….i just read the sn “free danger”. I get it now.
    Sad, but funny.

  271. I used to feel like others’ losses weren’t like mine, and I hated it when people would try to relate… then… I kept loosing and soon enough, I had experienced a few different kinds… I still tried to believe that mine were different and no one could know my pain…

    then I got pg… and I had a baby…

    my life went on… I still remember my babies, my failed pregnancies, my loss, my broken heart…

    but I live in the now, with my sweet baby girl, and I hardly remember the pain, just the sense of loss.

    I am not a member of the loss boards. I am a member of the birth boards. When I was going through losses, I was a member there. I just did not feel like there was a place for me, a woman who had lost pregnancies, babies, and had failed IVFs, who now had a child and was working on moving on and would like support with how the losses are affecting her ability to parent her living child. I never found that over there, just a bunch of women frozen in time, in their loss.

    Maybe we should start a new loss group for those of us who are moving on, but get stuck every once an a while.

    You have to be a group owner to see the threads where MI spews…
    check out photo club issues and you will see what I mean…

  272. lovin life with PMS. I so understand what you mean, frozen in time.

    In what groups do you see where MI spews…do you mean the group owner and photoclub group owner group? Anyone ca join that group, even if you do not have a group. Do you mean somewhere else?

    • Shooting Star, are you in my head???? Your posts are like something I would say!!!! I need to be your online friend.

  273. I mean there and search “photo club issue”

    There is an 11 pager that shows her being rediculous and trying to turn shit into a mountain for no reason. Even after people apologized and admitted to using “inappropriate” words to describe their feelings, she is still mean and bitchy.

    Just saying, you can see it in action.

    She is a mean person who is angry about her loss.

  274. Your fucking shady for posting private posts you and no I’m not girlyclown nor mominterrupted. what makes me think you hate her, hm lets see you stalked archived posts they’ve posted, you took her posts out of our PRIVATE boards and posted them here….. with OTHER BOARD MEMEBER’S NAMES IN THEM!!!! That in and of it’s self is a slight invasion of the women NOT involved in this privacy, don’t you agree?? Or did you go to every single one of those women who’s names are on those posts and ask their permission for it to be used here? NO I don’t think you did, and for that that is why I think your one shady person. Call me all the names you want, and say what you want to me, I am sorry for your loss, but that doesn’t mean I have to agree with your shady behaviour, sorry chicky!!

    For your information, and to prove I’m not gc/mi, I lost a SON!!!!!!! Also to an abruption, that almost killed me, so now what?

    posted twice cause I wanted to make sure you seen it!

  275. However, maybe if her little cool aid drinking fans weren’t too afraid to come and join us they could shed some more light. However, she has probably scared them to death by telling them they will be hung if they speak to the dark side. HA HA.

    ~Who exactly are you referring to in this comment about the fans? What light do you want shed? I’ve come on here and posted already, and no she’s not scared me to death to do anything. As I stated before, she’s never been rude, mean or cruel to me or anyone else I know, if it’s off the board or PAN, then I don’t know about it, and personally it’s not my business.

    Plus, I am not here to change anyone’s mind. You believe what you already believe, and to me it doesn’t matter. She’s always treated me nicely and with respect, and that is all that matters to me.

  276. Well, lets ask the owners to remove those names not involved, shall we? Would THAT make you feel better? Is your name Karry, btw, 1podgrieving mother? The board members mentioned above obviously know who she is and are allowing her carte blanche. Are you one of the group oners?

    For your information everyone one of those sn’s has some sort of profile as proof they are/were a member of BBBC on the internet when they signed up. Don’t use your real name on the internet, EVER! I find it laughable that there are boards that claim to be private when there are HUNDREDS and THOUSANDS of members in some cases! How can that be private? Do you sign some sort of privacy clause? NO, nothing close to that. All that is done is a check in the box is made to see if you READ the privacy statements and that can’t even be held up anywhere.

    You call what I did a SLIGHT invasion, what girlyclown did to her SIL was n out and out VIOLATION of her name, her family’s name, where she lives and her KIDS names…so don’t call me shady, lady!

    I don’t think you are girlyclown, FWIW.

    So, this whole thing is shady….it is UNDERGROUND!!! If I am being shady, wheree ELSE could this have discussed where it would be received?

    And what would you call MI/GC doing? ummmm….let’s see….just a tiny, teeny, weeny BIT SHADY?????

    I don’t think we will see Girlyclown post on here, she knows there are too many that don’t like her. She only feels comfortable swimming as the big fish in a little pond. Well, I got news for ya…this is a LAKE and little big pond fish like her are afraid of lakes.

  277. Haha had to post twice just in case people didn’t see it the first time, huh? Get over yourSELF!

    Shooting Star, I have no idea who you are, and you have no idea who I am, but I internet love you.

  278. I believe it’s her posting here.

  279. For the record I am NOT do you read me NOT girly clown or mom interrupted, for 1, I lost a son, not a daughter, 2, I live on the gulf of Mexico, not the Atlantic, 3 I’m not a go or co go to the FTIL threads, 4, I had an abruption and lost my son, she was in labor when her daughter passed. Is that enough reason’s for you to quit calling me someone else?

    Fed-up, I posted it twice like that because the first time I posted it as a reply and if anyone is like me they go to newest comments first?! Sorry..

    No I am not Kary either.. But I don’t like seeing posts from a private loss thread displayed here for a bunch of people that may or may not care about our losses to see..
    I understand what you’re doing, trying to prove your point, I get it.. And yes, IF and a big IF, she is the same person, then YES she needs to stand up and say so, but why are we continuously ragging her, just because you don’t like her..
    And when seriously when did she ever post all of her sister in law’s information? I know that doesn’t sound like something she would do, is put a child at risk or harms way, so even though I might be mistaken I find it really hard to believe that she would give their address and kids’ information out.
    And YES if they removed their names I would feel a LOT better!! I’m sorry for my behaviour and words last night, reading this shit really makes my blood boil.. As a grieving mother myself, I never wanted to cause undue stress to another mother, ESPECIALLY one that has lost their baby the same painful and traumatic way that I did. I get passionate and emotional with sticky stuff like this..
    Do I believe they could be the same person gc/mi, I don’t know, I don’t think so, but they could be, I don’t care either way because they have both been helpful and supportive to me..

    Why was their family drama aired for the entire world to see?
    Why would it matter if they are 2 different women or 1? Aren’t there other’s out there that’s wanted to have 2 different profiles for whatever reason, whether it be to ask an embarrassing question or whatever?

  280. Mommy2Ronnie and Austin- Why the hell are you using your bbc screen name and your real picture? That makes me think you might be an attention whore. I am not trying to be mean, I am just saying. Why do you want your Real Life info out there on this fucking thread? You are putting yourself out there all in the name of a fucking whack job woman? Even if you disagree with us and you want to make out with Christine, why would you do such a thing and exposure yourself like that? Do you want to prove your loyalty to her that bad????

    • What does it matter that I am using MY own FUCKING bbc name? Who gives a shit? I have nothing to hide. I’m not 100% sure why my picture is showing up, I think I did fix that. Just noticed that I have a wordpress account, maybe that’s why?

      Oh dont worry, I’m not an attention whore, I just dont think I should hide behind a fake ass name on here, unlike you. What real life info is being out there? Please please let me know. The only info you can see is MY screen name that I can do as I damn well please with, and my picture (hopefully that’s corrected)

      Yet again, I do not feel that Mi/Gc is a whack job, that’s your personal opinion which you’re entitled to as I am. I don’t have to prove shit to anyone. I stand beside or in front of people who are caring kind people who have never done anything wrong to ME!, personally.

      Oh please spell check as well, its Mommy2Ronny&Austin, if you’re going to say my name AT least spell it correctly!.

  281. Maybe you are hoping for a promotion within her group?

  282. 1 pissed off grieving mother, if you really don’t care about any of this, than why the fuck are you here?

  283. i think they are GC/ MI’s dykes. They cry together then have lesbo affairs.

  284. Mommy2Ronny&Austin- You are obviously here to try to change people’s minds. Look how much fucking time you have spent defending GC/MI. Seriously. What iS your point? Why are you here? Why? Why are you using your own picture and information? Why do you want it known to the world you are defending Christine GC/MI??? WHY???? Are you in love with her?

  285. WTF~~ Thought I’d hang around just to make you ask!!

  286. 1Pissed Off Grieving Mother, why’d you change your name from Mommy to Ronny & Austin, huh? Want to be more anonymous now? Maybe you should work on leaving the little ~ out of your posts!

  287. since you’re so fucking relentless (and you fucking wonder why people use their real names) my name is SHANNON

  288. You know… this reminds me of the Eva Jessee scandal, where everyone knew she was stealing money and her followers couldn’t just say, she fucked up! They all carried her burdens for her like she was a cult leader or something. So my question is, did this MI/GC chick brain wash you all? I have a feeling that this chick just got you all under her wing so she can use you all as her pedestal. But you won’t see that from my POV because you all have the wool pulled over your eyes. She’s thinking that she’ll take you in for a while so she can use you all to help her gang up on other mommies with losses that stand up to her or don’t agree with her.

    Anyone that is more focused on their grief and the baby they’ve lost instead of focusing and wanting to share their child that is alive has some psychological problems. And to be upset that someone else’s baby took a breath is just wrong. So if I say that I had lost my baby hours after being born, she would treat me like a dog because my baby actually lived for some time? That isn’t right? Not right at all! And to be upset that someone was actually feeling a bit emotional and acknowledged her daughter being gone… well even if they don’t like each other, at least her daughter was thought of. I’d appreciate the fact that someone else even gave my baby the time of day to actually feel some sort of sorrow, even if I didn’t like that person. But that’s just me.

    Why don’t you all tell MI/GC to come here and chat with us. Why does she have to send you? I know she’s reading this shit! So I say… red rover, red rover, I call girly clown and mommy interrupted to come over!!! We’re having so much fun, you should come out and play with us!

  289. Well for starters I’m of my own person and do what I like, and happen to come here on my own free will, no body sends me, not that that would work any way, because I am not one to do anyone’s bidding..

    I’m sorry you feel that way, you want them here so bad, you invite them in, don’t have anyone do your dirty work..

    And if what you’re saying IS true that they were actually mean to a mother who’s baby actually took a breath, then yes thats’ wrong, but I have never witnessed that behaviour myself. Sorry.

  290. Here is another little tidbit from GC.

    She needs attention and validation, desperately. It does not matter what situation, but she uses it.

    The thing that many women do not understand about her is that she throws in these little humdingers’. It would be OK if anormal person says them once or twice, but she says things like this alot that cause notice and show her true self. These are things that unfortunately women that are deep in grief or people that are not interested in others’ personalities don’t pick up on. A very good therapist or a profiler would pick up on these things.

    I personally think this post below is kind of sick. She says her daughter’s funeral was all about parenting her child publicly, not about her tears or her DH’s tears. AGain, she mentions sil/family. What the hell could be SO BAD about her DH’s family for her to REMEMBER on the day of her child’s funeral? I do admit that you can not hold people’s behavior at funeral’s against them, however, this is just a a little more than off.

    GCMI’s mind works in a different way than most, that is for sure.

    • Date: Jun-11
    • To: *name removed*
    • From: girlyclown
    • Add to FriendsIgnore

    • Report as Violation
    • Print
    • Send to a Friend
    • Bookmark
    • 5171.64

    I’m not sure the protocol so forgive the hyjack for a moment…

    *name removed*– i didn’t cry during most of Lucy’s funeral, i would say that for me her funeral was NOT about my tears or watson tears or even just about our outward sorrow. it was about us publicly parenting our child… ok she wasn’t alive, but for those few hours we were with her sharing her with friends and family, celebrating all the things she brought into our life… the sorrow included.

    while on this subject about appropriate funeral behavior: I confess:

    was also unapologetically blunt about my huge breast– that day my milk came in. I told people point blank do not hug me my breast hurt.

    I refused to speak to Watson’s family that day because as far as i was concerned they were intruding and only there because Watson wanteed them there in hopes that some how our loss would be made real for them. They were Jackbasses to him then and still are.

    i told some one to suck it that day at the cemetry because they were trying to rush me.

    If i had it to do all over again i still would not cry, i would still try to make everyone laugh with stories of our pregnancy and most of all i would look at Lucy’s beautiful face longer, taken more pictures, filmed the service and kissed her and looked at her more before we closed the casket.

    i miss that face… a photo is just not enough.

    editted for typos
    Peace, Light and Love,
    Lucy’s Mom, Christine
    Click Lucy’s Pic 4 our blog

  291. Shooting Star, thank you for removing the names… With this post, when I read it, I see the hurt of a grieving mother trying to make herself strong, or hiding behind laughter instead of allowing herself to cry.. I know people like this my aunt is like that, it’s nerving cause I don’t understand it, but I think that just goes to show that everyone grieves differently..

  292. Why doesn’t she sign her name as the Mom of her son? Am I missing something here? Is she only claiming to be Lucy’s Mom? What about her living child?

  293. How about these posts that are being posted about her are BEFORE HER SON WAS BORN….. Who ever shooting star is, she’s archiving very old posts……

  294. What does her siggy say now?

  295. 1podgm – you are welcome. i wish i had removed the names before as they are not involved, it was a terribel oversight, my apologies. yes, i understand that people cover with laughter. you have got to put it all together to understand.

    ana – i believe the above particular post was before her child that that lived was born, hence the blank’s mom name. i should go look to see what she signs as now, but you are right, I think GC only signs as blanks mom with the peace, light and love reference.

  296. Actually this is her signature now

    peace, light & love
    Christine a mom, partner & real life circus clown
    Missing Lucy, Facing Danger.

  297. 1podgm,
    that is a relief. she should take on the peace, light and love cause it is crap. i would debate that she should put her living child first. one could see that if she puts her living child first, she is not giving her L any validation. i think for her living childs sake she should change it or he will end up feeling like 2nd best.

    oh, and are those links to her blogs in their names? perhaps how private information is REALLY getting out?

  298. No I don’t agree with you, she lists her children in the order they were born, just as I will more than likely do….. but that’s just me…

  299. So she IS girly clown!!! Hah!!! Now this is over!!! I can go back to my life. It was just my point to say that she is 2 in one. Maybe one person is really sweet and nice (the part that most of you defenders see), and the other side only a few see, but it’s still wrong for her to treat others so badly even if she is grieving.

    My BFF has lost a daughter that was a few months old, and on the day of her daughters funeral, she was cracking jokes with everyone! She didn’t understand why she couldn’t cry, but all in all, that’s the kind of person she is. She’s always the kind of person that tries to see the light in the darkness. I give her mad props for that. And even though we have our disagreements, she has never ever used anger or resentment towards anyone and excuse it with grief. I guess that’s why I don’t understand MI/GC. It’s not normal for her to hold on to her grief like this. She has to let it go some how. Even if it’s just a little. Make time for a little happiness. Maybe that would get the stick out of her ass.

    Another thing I don’t understand is (now this is just me, I’m sure.) is… after a few losses, I was so happy about my having my rainbow baby. Everything was about her! I talked everyone’s ears off about my daughter. So the thing I don’t understand is how she hardly ever mentions her son. He is not even mentioned in her signature. That is not normal. But oh well…

    We uncovered the truth! Believe it or not!

  300. ummmm, I don’t list my children in birth order, and I never understood women who do that… My list would be very long.


    Now, should I also list my failed IVF cycles too for the folks who relate to me from that side aswell…

    Failed IVF #1
    Failed IVF #2

    Should I also list that my daughter was conceived with donor eggs, so that she is not even MINE biologically so that those women can relate to me on that front too?

    Failed IVF #1 [my eggs]
    Failed IVF #2 [donor eggs]
    7/21/08 [donor eggs]

    I am just saying to all of you guys validating your other children, IVF cycles, and eggs… WHEN DOES IT STOP???

    I agree with the OP, MOVE ON ALREADY!!!

    I remember my struggle, my children, my losses, but to live it every day and use it in my siggie??? Those events do not define me or who I am, but they are a part of me. I don’t think I need to shout it out for all to see… I just think it keeps me from living in the present, but that is just me…

  301. Funny, it cut off my names??

    Angel Holly 2/18/05
    Angel Grace8/03/05
    Angel James3/21/06
    Failed IVF #1 [my eggs]
    Angel Kyle 4/19/07
    Failed IVF #2 [donor eggs]
    Sole 7/21/08 [donor eggs] – my only living child

  302. I don’t know you’re having proof of her being the same person, where is this post at??

    Lovin’ Life I’m sorry for all you’ve gone through, I can’t imagine half of what you’ve endured.. Am I not allowed to acknowledge my dead son when or if I ever have a living child?? I’m sorry but I can’t agree with that.. I’ve had 3 losses, although I acknowledge my 2 early miscarriages in a different way, my son, my baby boy will forever be a part of my signature. He was a beautiful 4lb 7.8 oz 17 inches long, and so beautiful, and my love is so strong for him, even 17 months later, that I can never let his memory die…

  303. LL… I’m so sorry you had to go through all of that. And yes I think it is ridiculous to list every lost. Yes, it’s a part of you forever, but to list every single one… I don’t know how people do it. I’ve lost 3, out of 5, but I only list my living children and one of my angels because I knew that it was a girl and that I felt her more than I felt the other 2.

  304. Well I made that observation by reading her signature that you posted. It says that she is a real life clown… and there you have girly clown. How could you not get that?

  305. Shannon,

    I am sorry for your loss.

    While I was TTC, when I was on the loss boards, I had something like the above in my signiture… While I was pregnant, I tried to stay on the loss boards, but my anxiety was too much to handle and I switched over to the birth boards full time at 20wks. I just couldn’t handle the other women’s anxiety + my own + their continued losses + others not getting pg… I needed a group that could support me at the stage I was in when I was in it. I could not be in all of those stages at once…

    Miscarriage stage
    Poor Medical DX stage
    IVF and genetic testing stage
    Egg donor stage

    None of those groups overlap really, so maybe it was easier for me to move on, there was not a group where I fit.

    I choose not to put my children in my siggie now because I don’t want people telling they are sorry for what I endured, I don’t want people reminding me that I am the “special” kid on the board, and I don’t want people feeling sorry for me.

    I want to be like everyone else. Putting my angels’ names, failed cycles, and lost eggs on there keeps me from being normal.

    Maybe once you have a living child, you might change your siggie too, but that is a personal decision. I will never forget my babies, they were all beautiful and loved.

    Mt personal opinion on this is that once life truly goes on, perspectives change about stuff. I want my living child to know about her other siblings but not in detail, and I don’t want to miss one second of her glorious life because I was focused on the other children I lost. Each of them had their time, had my tears, had my focus, my heart broke each time, but I must say my heart soars every morning when my little perfect girls smiles at me and says MAMAMAMAMA. I look at it like, each of them has their time, and right now, it is time for Sole.

  306. That is the way to go LL. That’s how I feel. Soon it will be time again though. I think I’ve been PG every year since ’06… yup… I counted. It’s sad, but I’m hoping that when I do get PG again, it will be a good PG and I’ll give birth to a beautiful and healthy baby. I will love on them while my older kids are in school, and they will have more attention than any other baby on this planet. I will be so grateful to hold a precious gift once again.

    I guess that’s why I’m confused about MI. I don’t get why she’s not happy with what she has now. Why everything is centered around her past. It’s not healthy for her to live that way.

  307. OK, more recent. Here is one between GC and Valair: A comment to GC from valair on a comment on a picture.

    girlyclown • Pass a Note!
    Posted 2/7/2009
    maybe they cleaned her up really well.

    Watson dad was all ‘what is that all over him? appearently in 1970’s men didn’t see the baby until it was born washed give a bottle and clothes.

    peace, light & love
    Christine a mom, partner & real life circus clown
    Missing Lucy, Facing Danger.
    Report this Post a comment

    Valair • Pass a Note!
    Posted 2/26/09
    Wow, a really beautiful picture.

    I am really disappointed because you seem to never miss the opportunity to put Watson’s family down, even subtlely. Maybe you don’t realize how it comes across. At least he showed enough interest to ask.
    Love to Pete “bags” Mitchell, 2 m/c, infertility, TTC#1 for 5 years. Dreams do come true! Mom to Miss Midler 1/02, LLKool K 4/05, Super Van 4/08

  308. Lovin’ Life, I totally agree that persepectives change, mine have changed somewhat.. I will also teach our future living children about Tristan, as he will always be our families own personal gaurdian angel…..

    you think you know… if you read above we were posting girly clowns signature, in fact I will go and find mom interrupted so you can see the difference./

  309. Some of you are dense… The clown comment in the siggy is from GC’s account… Go back and re-read it.
    So what? They’re the same person. Like… DUH! She’s not bright enough to keep both personalities totally individual and she can never leave her daughter out of it.
    I’m surprised that it’s taken this long for someone to catch on and out her. BBC is not going to do anything about it since we all are allowed to have more than one sn as long as it’s not for the purpose of breaking BBC rules.
    There is the MI sn who acts all loving and caring and like she’s going to save the world one greiving mother at a time and then there’s the GC sn who is still pissed off at the world for the crap hand that she was dealt.
    PTSD? (which she claims) MPD? (which it seems to be switching to) Just a whack job?
    Sad all the way around.

  310. I am searching the other side now.

    Hmmm it says Valair has closed their account. Does that mean she was banned or closed it?

    There is not much on valair. I found one thing where mominterrupted and valair post together. It looks like it is mominterrupted that is stalking in this one:

    Savrus · Pass a Note!
    Posted 12/14/08
    So I have to testify against someone this week in front of a grand jury! So pissed, it’s an all day event and I don’t know what I’m going to do about pumping/nursing. The court is almost 45 minutes away from where I live. Do they take breaks? How often? Help, I don’t want to lose my supply.

    Became a mama on August 14, 2008
    Report this
    Comments for Post (8)

    misscae · Pass a Note!
    Posted 12/14/2008
    don’t worry! u won’t lose your supply if ur schedule is off for just one day. i don’t know how old ur LO is but when mine was only 6 weeks we went to a 3 day convention. the convention started at 9 a.m. and ended at 4 p.m. all 3 days. that’s about the same schedule of most courts. so i pumped at 6 a.m. and again at 8:30 or 9:00 if possible, then again when we had lunch at 12 noon, and i didnt do it again until after 4 p.m. sometimes 5 pm. i was uncomfortable and it hurt a little because my LO was nursing every 2 hours (he was with us and i gave him a bottle when i couldn’t nurse) anyway i followed that schedule for 3 days in a row and i still had more than enough milk after it was over. i pumped in the back of my truck (has tinted glass) and the pump that i use has a car adaptor. if u have something similar that will be very helpful 2 u. HTH
    Report this Post a comment
    Savrus · Pass a Note!
    Posted 12/14/2008
    Thanks hun, DD is 4 months old. I remember when she was 6 weeks old, I only had to pump every 6-8 hours cause I had way more than enough but now not so much. Everything is supply/demand now so I’m just worried about not having enough the next day. Hopefully this is only one day and it won’t go on more than that.

    Became a mama on August 14, 2008
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    Valair · Pass a Note!
    Posted 12/15/2008
    If you are the sole caregiver for your children you do not have to do jury duty. Also, BF can get you out of it. You should not have to do it if you do not want to. At least it was like that in my state. I called the number of the court and they told me to just send a letter/fax explaining my situation.


    Love to Pete “bags” Mitchell, 2 m/c, infertility, TTC#1 for 5 years. Dreams do come true! Mom to Miss Midler 1/02, LLKool K 4/05, Super Van 4/08
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    c1osedange1eyes · Pass a Note!
    Posted 12/15/2008
    Valair thats not true in the state of nj some one posted the other day they wont let her out of jury duty even if she is ebf. it depends on your states laws.

    what kind of case is it? my husband said most likely youll sit in a seperate room, theyll bring you in to testify when its your turn, and then youll prolly be able to leave once you testify. he said you most likely can bring someone else with you to watch your baby while you testify

    bring your baby with you. tell them thats how your baby eats and if they want you there your baby comes too, just cause u testify dosent mean you have to sit in that court room the whole time. tell them your child has no formula and no food if u dont feed her she starves. your a mother that ebf and they need to understand that. call ahead of time the court and let them know your situation

    Proud Mother Of ZoeyJane ( 07-01-2008 ) ~N~ Proud National Gaurd Wife ( OIF 05-07 )
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    mominterrupted · Pass a Note!
    Posted 12/18/2008
    ^^^ ITA and since the OP question was NOT about jury duty trying to get out of testifying prolly not an option. but if i were you i’d bring my baby.

    on the jury duty subject Valair’s statement is NOT true in most state. Maybe where she lives, but not here in my state. In Most states you can not use being a SAHM/D or breastfeeding mom as a way to get out of jury duty. you can be fined and/or imprisoned for failure to serve. you can request to be postponed or excused but being excused is not automatic.

    OP i hope that you find a way around this, if you can’t take your baby can you take a pump?


    looking for some fun?

    join Secret Sparklers and be the sparkliest stalker of all.
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    jennye79 · Pass a Note!
    Posted 12/18/2008
    When I testify for GJ it’s a 10 minute affair, in and out and I’m done. You won’t testify all day, and you won’t even be allowed in the GJ room while anyone else is testifying…they’re probably telling you all day because they don’t know what order you’ll be going in. Take your pump with you and pump in the bathroom, or bring your LO with you.


    Cloth-Diapering, Full-Time Working Wife to Jason, Mama to Mia (3/08), Step-Mama to Keegan (1/02) and Cameron (8/03)
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    gretchenkb2004 · Pass a Note!
    Posted 12/18/2008
    I live in the state of Kansas, and they have a law that specifies that BF “…should be supported and encouraged to the greatest extent possible and that a mother may breastfeed in any place she has a right to be.” I worked in a library at one time and we were told that if you ask for a place to pump or BF in private, they are supposed to acommodate you if possible. We would give BF mothers an open meeting room if they wanted one. Otherwise, it was legal to do it anywhere private or not. Hopefully your state is the same. I would call the court, explain your situation and tell them you must have access to a meeting room or be able to take scheduled breaks to express milk. Also, check out this page to see what the laws are in your state :

    Good luck!


    Mother to Reese Avery (4.20.2006), our angel (7.1.07) Madeline Grace (7.3.08), and baby #4 due 1.15.10.
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    Valair · Pass a Note!
    Updated 12/19/2008
    Yes, “pardon” me…I must have read the original post incorrectly. I don’t even remember replying to this…..I must have posted while BF at night(insert sleepy emoticon)!

    Thanks so much for pointing out my error, MomInterrupted . I appreciate you watching my back. I somehow did not see that OP was testifying in court. Much different than jury duty. You are absolutely correct. Great links, too.

    Wow, that really sucks for the girl in NJ. I guess I live in a BF-friendly, sole caregiver friendly state. I was only referring to my call for jury duty and how it was in my situation. They told me if I was the sole caregiver of an infant AND BF, they would rather me NOT serve. The courthouse officer I spoke to jokingly said “they would get me later” , lol. THey also told me that I would be excused for jury duty during selection anyway and were glad I contacted them ahead of time as to not waste taxpayer money. My op post must be read as a whole and not taken out of context…..sorry for not being clear.

    What I was trying to convey in my post is that it was not as big of a deal as I thought it would be, but I just needed to make the call. Really, you are at the “mercy” of the court in situations like this and most are what is termed “sympathetic” to breast feeding mothers, extended or not.

    I think it goes without saying that if you are not excused PRIOR to your court date then you must go. Also, were you subpoenad (sp?). Testifying is much different than serving on a jury. What a mess for you, so sorry you have to deal with testifying against someone!! I may be called to testify against someone also but would rather not have to…..

    Savrus, you should be OK for a day. Maybe you can ask someone to go with you to help with the baby. I have found that if I “skip” a session my baby nurses more and in turn my supply increases. Maybe you could also nurse more the day prior so your supply is slightly up for the next day….or pump the day before so you have extra BM on hand and supply increases slightly more. Feed a smaller pumped portion the day of court in the bottle so the baby is just satisfied but then will want to nurse more later. Does that make sense???

    Well….GL2U, Savros!!! Sorry I misunderstood your OP!!

    edited for small print


    Love to Pete “bags” Mitchell, 2 m/c, infertility, TTC#1 for 5 years. Dreams do come true! Mom to Miss Midler 1/02, LLKool K 4/05, Super Van 4/08
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  311. Can you put it side by side for us, so we can see it plain and simple, so there are no mistakes???

    I am tooooo lazy to go back and find the two and compare them… I sure the rest of you guys are too :o)

  312. Mominterrupted

    looking for some fun?

    join Secret Sparklers and be the sparkliest stalker of all.

    peace, light & love
    Christine a mom, partner & real life circus clown
    Missing Lucy, Facing Danger.

  313. Seriously? Y’all dont have anything better to do? So if MI and GC are one and the same, who gives a flying monkeys ass?

    So the Mods like her and take her side… umm… jealous much? Maybe if you were out there trying to do good in the world instead of just bitching about how much people annoyed you, someone would take favor with you too. People that get annoyed at every little annoying thing others do is quite annoying. Call a wambulance and take your meds “ladies”.

    Kids who turn their homework in most of the time get a reprieve and a free pass when they forget it/dont’ do it. Kids that consistently don’t turn their homework in, don’t get free passes. So MI gets special favor because she’s played the game by the rules as far as the Mods go, and all you non homework doing hoodlums are using gang mentallity to bully the teachers pet. You wanna be noticed, start doing good deeds instead of being miserable, whiny victims. They like her better, build a bridge, and get over it.

    My sincerest condolences and prayers go out to those who have lost a baby at any stage. But my prayers also go out to those filled with hate and anger raising children.

    I hope you realize at some point in your life, sooner rather than later, that you are only people on the internet to the majority, but to your children, you are a role model. Be a good example and set the bar a little higher for yourself. We are supposed to be adults. Pretend your loved ones were reading your hateful, petty garbage that you are spewing about a person on the internet. Would you be proud then? Grow up already.

  314. GC/ MI’s dykes~
    Why should I not defend someone who has never done a damn thing wrong to me? Why should I give into you and your stupid fucking gang bang here and change my views on her, because you and your lil gang said so? I don’t think so. I am not in love with her, but I am her friend. I’m also not a lesbian. I swear you people act like little children when no one wants to take your fucking side. What’s wrong with letting people know that I have nothing against MI/GC? What are you idiots going to hang me at the cross? Or burn me at the stakes.??? My point of the matter is MY opinions differ from you and your gang bang ladies. My point is, I don’t give a flying fuck if you change your mind or not, doesn’t matter to me. It’s a free country, we can have different opinions…Or can we? What personal info am I sharing? except for my BBC screen name? Umm hello, unlike you and your gangbang squad, I don’t hide behind screen names. I’m not a wimp.

    WTF~ As 1Pissed Off Grieving Mother as stated we are not the same people, we’re two totally different people. I wasn’t online all day. I have a life outside of the internet. I was gone swimming with my living child and my boyfriends son, while my boyfriend did a visitation detail for one of his military friends. Are you happy now?

    Now, the name rose081900 might show up under a post, because I was logged into my account on here because I forgot to sign out of it, so rose081900 and mommy2ronny&austin are both me. my picture should be changed sometime this evening or tomorrow, since I have figured out why it was posting because obviously I have an account on here, and didn’t remember it, so that’s why MY own picture was posted. My use my BBC screen name, well because I can, I don’t hide behind fake names, unlike all you whine asses:)…Anything else?

  315. Momma2aPrincess2frogs:

    Wow, that sure is rainbow smoking stuff you are on.

    Lovely analogy. There are many reasons why kids do not turn in their homework. So, in your world YOUR analogy is that you would not give a kid that does not turn intheir homework a break. Those are usually the kids that MOST need a break. I realize you are just using this as an analogy, but you got your analogy all wrong and that shows your true character, “lady”.

    You sound an awful lot like MI/GC or are at least the closest one sounding to her. Build a bridge (what like for a troll to hide under?) Maybe we should all blow some sunshine or rainbows. Stick our heads in the clouds much M2 princess and frogs??

    I do not think we want to be noticed, but it sounds like you do.
    Sure, lecture to us about how to raise our kids. This is MDU, not BBC. IT is BBC post secret!

    This is the biggest thing I take issue with: Of course everyone has sincere condolences to go out to those who have lost a baby at any stage….I thought we were all past that. That is a given! Do you think MDU does not feel that way? Ugh. Not about that, lady, talk about meds, wake up!

    Well, OK, then, I’ll accept your payers! Are you prayng for MI/GC on the chance that all this is true? I hope to God you are.

    I am pretty sure my loved ones are reading this. I think they are proud of me for helping to out a fraud! Maybe YOU should grow up and realize the real world ain’t pretty. It is FILLED with kids that don’t turn in homework that just get pushed aside as you suggested should happen!

    You said it, she is a teachers’ pet where there should be no such thing!

  316. Momm2 Ronny: Defend her if you want, but you should know, really know someone before you lay down your sword for them. KWIM?

    What if I told you that I could prove MI/GC was a dyke? LOL. It is a joke. don’t take that one so literally.

  317. Shooting Star: You should also know, really know someone before you stab them with your sword. KWIM? As to the dyke part… wow… so you hate people in BBC’s favor, and you also seem to think it no big deal to use derogatory terms about sexual orientation. Zip your zipper darlin, your ignorance is showing.

    • What? This makes no sense. Are you responding to my sword analogy?

      AS to the dyke part….oh, sorry, what do you want me to say? I only used dyke in reference to correct Mommy2Ronnyand Austin. I really do not care about sexual orientation, girlyclown/MI. I know this is you.

      • You said “This makes no sense”. Really? Should I use smaller words? Wrong answer… I’m not Girlyclown/MI.

  318. There shouldn’t be a teachers pet, but there is. There shouldn’t be dead baby momma’s, but there is. There shouldn’t be a bunch of hateful, mean spirited, spiteful women attacking someone for being more “popular” than them on a fricken internet site, but there you are. I do try and smoke rainbows, thank you very much. I have 3 kids.. 19, 12, and 2. Life isn’t always easy, or fair, or fun, but it’s life. Yeah, I keep my head in the clouds whenever I can. Being happy and carefree is a great place to be. You should try it.

    Your “biggest issue” with my post was misunderstood on your part. I wasn’t’ saying anything about YOUR intentions, nor the intentions of MDU, I was merely offering MY condolences. Once again, here’s your reminder, it’s not all about you. Grow up.

    I absolutely realize the world isn’t always pretty. And I’m not sure how you saying my analogy is all wrong shows something about my character. My character is just fine with or without your approval. My character is not defined by what you say it is. My analogy is right on to make my point. Responsible people are occasionally given a free pass when they make a mistake. Habitual offenders are NOT given a free pass. People that have proven themselves are held in a higher standard than those who just backbite and bitch and moan. MI has apparently proven herself to BBC mods as being responsible and someone they can count on. You may not like it, but that’s how it is. You wanna pull your little red wagon up the hill to gain the respect of the BBC Mods, you might wanna dump your load of petty BS before you start your climb. The climb will be easier, and you’ll smell a lot better when you get there. MI has already pulled her little red wagon up the hill, don’t be a hater because she carries less BS than you. I’m sure she’s not perfect, nor am I, and you’ve shown without question that you aren’t either. Why care so much what she does or doesn’t do, or who she is, or isn’t, or who likes her or who doesn’t? Seems to me your insecurities are overpowering.

    As a former educator of at risk kids, your whoa is me, don’t push the kids aside who don’t do their homework because they need it most, is what is wrong with society. They need compassion, guidance, and love, but they also need accountability and to be taught if you want something in life, you must work for it. There are consequences and rewards for your actions. Figure out which one gives you your desired result, and go with it. You wanna be teachers pet, then earn it. You want BBC mods to take you seriously, then stop being an Assaholic, and possibly they will. You have a problem with BBC policy, take it up with them. You don’t punish the kid for being teachers pet, you take it up with the school principal. When you start bullying your classmates, your lose credibility with society as a whole.

    Why do you care if MI and Girlyclown are or are not the same person. You are a mother, but you’re also a hate spewing, mean spirited witch on the internet. Now THAT is a conflict of interest. If Girlyclown and MI were the same people, why does that burn your britches so much? If you are that upset by some personna on the internet, you need to unplug the computer and get out more. It’s a flipping cyber world middle school nightmare. Stomping your feet and screaming that the sky is green doesn’t make it true. I am a mother, daughter, sister, wife, niece, friend, business owner, grand daughter, neighbor, aunt, mentor, and occasionally a bitch. Sometimes, I take off all of my hats, and hide from all of my roles in the closet and eat Hershey Bars. You can try and out me as a fraud, but just because you say it doesn’t make it true. Trust me, I know, because when I come out of the closet, I’m still a mommy, even if someone insists I’m a fraud.

  319. Oh, the freaks come out at night…..the freaks come out at night! If only they had a playlist on MDU.

    Girlyclown/MI! So glad to see you! Momma 2 a Princess & 2 FROGS!!!

    Oh, grand, grand entrance! What, couldn’t take it anymore??? Silence killing you?

  320. LOL Great song! Nope… not MI or GirlyClown. My name is Laura, I live in Georgia, and I have 3 kids, T almost 19, t 12, and v 2. Paranoid much? That should be enough information for you to track me down to verify my identity since you seem to be able to find people so easily and obviously have so much spare time on your hands.

  321. Momm2 Ronny: Defend her if you want, but you should know, really know someone before you lay down your sword for them. KWIM?

    What if I told you that I could prove MI/GC was a dyke? LOL. It is a joke. don’t take that one so literally.

    ~~Do we all really really know someone at all? There is only so much you can really know about anyone, online or IRL. I don’t care if I don’t really know this person personally, or at least not everything about that person, it doesn’t really matter to me. I don’t care if she’s policing BBC to make it a better place for anyone and everyone. I don’t care if she has personally issues with whomever, I don’t care if MI/GC are the same people or aren’t the same people.

    Now I do care that ignorant people are sitting her bashing her because their panties are too tight to get over the fact that she actually gives a damn about what happens, and how sensitive people are when it comes to a loss. If that makes me a horrible person to actually have a heart, then damn burn me at the stake.

    I shall return in a little while, I have things to do this morning and I have to get ready. Have a lovely sweet day.

  322. M2RandA. See that is where you have it wrong. It is her own self-serving needs, to be teacher’s pet as said earlier. She doesn’t really care that much! I do not think others’ are being ignorant here, it is you (though I seem to like you, so I do not mean it as a put down). She only cares about what involves HER sensitivities.

    What about how she has treated her family, valair, etc?

    Uh, have a lovely sweet day, too? What does your little picture say? Too small to read.

    I will be back later, I have more to post as well as a coup degrace for MI/GC and her true character.

  323. Shooting star, I’m curious, who are you?? Are you Valair? You mention her a LOT!! And this is in NO way meant to be snarky, mean or hateful.

  324. MI isn’t all sweet though. What about those mothers that she is rude to because they don’t agree with her views on things? Those mothers of angel babies? They exist, they have posted here!

  325. 1 pod grieving mother. I hate not to answer the question. What if I were Valair? Does that explains things more or less.

    No offense taken.

    Sorry, I feel as if I have stolen from the OP and the other mothers that have also been on here with losses that received GCMI’s antics.

  326. Did someone really pull out the “you are all jealous of mi/gc” card?
    And believe me, the way that beast is so quick to call up a lawyer and sue whatever she can, bbc just does things for her to SHUT HER UP.
    She is the ONLY person on bbc I could ever imagine organizing an anti-bbc rally and getting her troops together.

  327. Well yes as a matter of fact it would explain things more, it would explain how you have old archived loss threads, and more recent loss threads.. I’m really not trying to fight here, I’m tired of fighting.. I just hate posting on the private boards now, cause I don’t know if someone is there transferring what’s there to other sites or if this is all just old family b/s that’s really absolutely none of my business…

  328. And believe me, the way that beast is so quick to call up a lawyer and sue whatever she can, bbc just does things for her to SHUT HER UP.


  329. Shootingstar- My picture says “You can’t move forward, if you’re always looking backward, cause you won’t be able to see where you’re going if you’re always worried about where you’ve been”. My boyfriend said that to me two years ago, and it’s something I try to live by, it’s a great quote he came up with to help me to stop living in my past (relationshipwise etc).

    Maybe I shouldn’t have said ignorant, I don’t think that’s the proper word I want to use, cause you all seem well educated, etc, so I’ll use pigheaded, stuck in your own ways (thoughts), which that I am. I don’t just change my ways because of how others feel about someone, not until that person burns me in a bad way, which MI/GC has never done to me particularly, and honestly anyone online can be changed to the way someone else wants it to me, including messages.

    So, how do I know that these past posts that are being copied and pasted here aren’t edited to fit your point and to make MI/GC seem like a bad person? I don’t know, I have to go by what I see on here. Of course if you are Valair then that would really explain all the hate coming from you and honestly, I don’t try to meddle into people’s personal family life. That is a war between that family and the other, not me. If MI/GC did say those things to Valair, well she may or may not have had a good reason to do so, who knows. I am not her so I don’t know why anything was said about anything. I wasn’t here when all this went down, so I’m just going by what I see posted on here.

  330. M2R&A, I think you need to tell GC/MI this “You can’t move forward, if you’re always looking backward, cause you won’t be able to see where you’re going if you’re always worried about where you’ve been.”

    I think that sums up a lot of this conversation actually.

  331. If your beef with her is that she isn’t “over” her grief of losing a child, then you are indeed a sad excuse for a human being. I think what actually sums up this situation is that y’all are some petty, self righteous bitches that need to get a life and grow the hell up.

  332. So, what I am getting is that this entire post secret was to draw her sil out?

  333. m2 princess and frogs: we’ve already coverd this is not just about her “getting over her grief”. READ if you are going to join in.

    M2RA: This is interesting. Who to believe? Valair? GC? MI? GC/MI…the loss mommies or the mdu mommies?

    Who has reason to lie? Who has the most to lose? WHY the hell would someone lie?

    I know I am not lying, but I can’t prove that. I did my best to convey what I SAW. The only editing I did was to remove names. oh, and you also sound like a kid whining, “but I wasn’t here when it started….don’t blame me!”. You are still involved.

    M@R andA, actually what sums this up is that most of us think MI/GC is a petty self righteous bitch who needs to grow up and get a life.

    I hate it when people tell people to get a life, so pathetic. Life is life.

    • I was responding to this post: “M2R&A, I think you need to tell GC/MI this “You can’t move forward, if you’re always looking backward, cause you won’t be able to see where you’re going if you’re always worried about where you’ve been.”

      I think that sums up a lot of this conversation actually.

      .. said this on July 7, 2009 at 8:06 am | Reply ”

      So you hate it when people tell people to get a life, yet you said it in the sentence before.

  334. oh…so sick of explaining this! I DO NOT PERSONALLY HAVE AN ARCHIVE OF THE THREADS. YOU go to an archive site and you look for shit. You can find anything if you know the dates and can read!

  335. croc tears, is this what you mean about her readiness to sue?

    She contacted her local news to have her story shared. I remember when she “threatened to take it to the media” on BBC.

    Here is the link. No copying and pasting. Maybe you are right, BBC IS afraid of her. Ha! I am not afraid of her!

    • That news article said nothing about suing anybody. She was trying to get attention brought to the fact that grieving mothers should not be bombarded with ridiculous requests from insurers in this situation. Of course you aren’t afraid of her Shooting Star. Filing a lawsuit is kind of hard against “Shooting Star”. If you’re so noble, and are so convinced you’re right, then quit hiding behind a screenname and speak as your “real” self. Oh how much braver we are when anonymous. I do’nt think BBC is afraid of her at all. I believe she hasn’t broken any rules, and she’s in the right here. However, y’all have broken BBC rules by posting quotes with names onto another thread outside of BBC even. I guess you can’t talk about it on BBC, because then they’ll KNOW who to ban, eh? Can’t risk your precious BBC account by speaking your “truth” on the home turf, that would be too risky for someone trying to stir up mob mentality.

  336. M2 R and A was responding to why croc tears may think GCMI is sue happy. Go do your own damn research. Here let me hold your hand….go to BBC, go to whtever bitch board GC was on just before the date of the video and look. If not, find an archive site and look up BBC and then look up the date and go through the related posts.

  337. M2RA: This is interesting. Who to believe? Valair? GC? MI? GC/MI…the loss mommies or the mdu mommies?

    Who has reason to lie? Who has the most to lose? WHY the hell would someone lie?

    I know I am not lying, but I can’t prove that. I did my best to convey what I SAW. The only editing I did was to remove names. oh, and you also sound like a kid whining, “but I wasn’t here when it started….don’t blame me!”. You are still involved.

    ~~I sound like a kid whining because I’m stating that I have absolutely no clue what happened between this Valair and Mi/GC? That I wasn’t around for that. What I would call childish whining is what you and your groupies are doing. You hide behind fakes names, hell at least I have the balls to use my real BBC name, because I don’t care who knows me. I’m only involved because of this “calling MI/GC out” thing, before that, I am not involved.

    M@R andA, actually what sums this up is that most of us think MI/GC is a petty self righteous bitch who needs to grow up and get a life.

    ~~~That is your personal opinion, not everyone will agree with you.

    M2 R and A was responding to why croc tears may think GCMI is sue happy.

    ~~I’ve not responded to anything in regards to the sue happiness. I think you’re confusing me with another name????

    • M2R&A. Not telling you to NOT like her. I am voicing my opinion of her. I would just be very very wary of what you are hooking up with since you say you did not “know her before”. kwim? She has a lot of baggage is the best way to put it. You are a GO wiht her about such an imortant issue and you REALLY do not know her?

      My opinion is that you are going to bat blind. You are being used, sorry to say.

  338. I was going to post to Mom 2 frog and princess. You got me thinking as I was doing dishes. I do feel a bit of guilt posting such nasty stuff about GCMI, proving her out, but it is not my own words, they are her words. Do I want someone like my employer reading this shit? Well, yes. This is kind of what I do. In a way I am a CONVENIENT person that has kept tabs on internet issues. My family IS reading it. My employer, too! I feel a little guilty…..

    That is, until I think about GCMI some more and all I have read about her.

    This is where you mmmom2 a grieving out my butt ladies go wrong: No one realy knows how awful she is unless you put her whole puzzle together. Like I said before, it is the little humdingers that she throws in and then she covers it with niceties and apologies. I could even play the mentally ill card for GCMI, there are posts about her being bipolar that SHE posted, quite publicly on several sites. I am getting tired of c/ping on here for you nice, but internet-illerates. Note what you want proof of so I don’t waste my time and then I’ll c/p..

    From what I can find, I see a pattern of behavior with her. She does the good deeds to cover her not so nice ones.

    Then, I think about the crap I saw her say on the GO’s board every single time any damn little thing crept up. OMG. She is always raising her hand, being a BBC patrol crossing guard. She sends Mamma H a notes all the damn time about anyone she pleases. She has her phone number – look it up the thread about it. It IS annoying to those of us on her asshole end. She even called out the Mamma dramas on the GO board (and they are not the ones on this board – they were newly pregnant ladies). Mammaholic responded to her to remember the rules! Anyone else would have gotten banned. She is an ass to her family. She is very inflexible in her living with others’ opinions (unless they are a BBC MOD). She has black and white vision distored to only her view. If there is this much nastiness about her on the internet, think how she must be IRL.

    I agree with mom2prinfrogs little red wagon analogy. Yep, she pulled it. She huffed, she puffed, she got “noticed”. She got her thorny BBC crown. But why the hell would you want such a crown? Is she trying to get a job on BBC? It is not like she represents stillbirth anywhere else on the internet. Just BBC. There are lots of other parenting websites with grief boards to go to and promote what she does. But no, her main audience is BBC.

    There are several things you definitely have to aggree with on here:
    1. She polices the BBC like she is a MOD. It is more than just “be the change you want”.
    2. She has 2 sn’s. Why? not clearly explained on the available internet searches. She IS GCMI. No doubt.
    4. She can be mean, really mean. oh, sorry, that would be “snarky” in the worst way.
    5. She is not honest.
    6. She hates her SO’s family.
    7. She uses her grief for attention, very public attention and retribution toward others. I repeat, she uses the fuck storm she has received from the universe as an excuse for retribution toward others. Be it Mama drama GIRLS, MDU WOMEN, Medicaid, Valair, NY STATE or whatever. That is absolutely true and pretty much undisputable.

    Of course, I am protecting my identity. Go out there if you want, but I do not want to. Apparently, MI doesn’t want to admit to being the very public GC!

    • First of all, I’m not internet illiterate, tyvm. I know how to look up archives, and find the information I’d like to find. I guess my question is, why look up someone you obviously have disdain for? Why bother trying to look her up. You dislike her so much, you seem a bit obsessed about her. Seriously, I believe what I believe. I KNOW what I know, as do you. Is MI perfect, nope. She’s sometimes emotional, sometimes moody, sometimes bitchy, sometimes she’s happy, sometimes she’s proud, sometimes she is sad, sometimes she’s funny, sometimes she’s productive, sometimes she’s lazy, sometimes she’s…. hey wait… that sounds like me!! and my bff, and my neighbor, and my husband. It’s human nature to be ALL of those things. Don’t crucify someone for being human.

      and as for your list of things we “have” to agree on… not a chance… I think it’s insane that you really believe we all agree on these points. You dont like MI or Girlyclown, I get that. If you notice, I’ not really defending her. I’m merely poking holes in your theories. EVERYBODY in the world does not hate either of them. EVERYBODY in the world does not like them. There is no such thing as peace and harmony on the internet. You seem to really spend a lot of your energy on this person you claim to dislike so much. There’s a reason for it. Only you know the reason, but I have my hunces. Here’s my take on it.

      There are several things you definitely have to aggree with on here:
      1. She polices the BBC like she is a MOD. It is more than just “be the change you want”.

      Is it “more” because you say it’s more? Why do you give a monkeys ass what she’s doing on an internet board? So she’s a busy body… why does that bother YOU so much?? I volunteer for NILMDTS, and I’m not a dead baby momma. I’m being the change I want. I also volunteer for a battered women’s shelter, and I’m not a battered wife. I’m being the change I want. I am an advocate for the homeless, yet I have owned my own home for 10 years. So she’s a tattle tail on an internet chat board, and that’s a huge deal to you. Dang. I’m a tattle tail for child abuse. I’m a tattle tail for drunk drivers, and I’m a tattle tail for alcohol being sold to minors. Know what? My teenager is a tattle tale too. His bf got jail time for drug possesion because he tattled. Know what? The kid thanked him when he got clean. Saved his life, and made the world a safer place. None of those things were my business, or affected me personally, but I believe if more people stood up for the change they want, the world would be a less ugly place. You think you’re standing up to right a wrong, but the difference is great. I didn’t post a drunk drivers info on the internet and make like he was a villain. I called the proper authorities. If you were trying to do good because you felt it was right, you would be taking this up with BBC, not MDU. YOU are looking for support and attention from a very public audience.

      2. She has 2 sn’s. Why? not clearly explained on the available internet searches. She IS GCMI. No doubt.

      So if she is or isn’t… why do YOU care if she has 2 s/n’s? I have 4 email addy’s, and mulitple AIM accounts. I have 2 facebook accounts too. 1 for people to find me, and 1 where people can’t find me. Does that mean I’m doing something sinister? Nope, I’m not that exciting. Sometimes, I just don’t wanna be bothered. That’s my perogative. My need for multiple accounts multiple places is also not explained on any internet search engines. You have multiple s/n’s. You are here as Shooting Star, but aren’t on BBC. I have yet to find an explanation for it on any internet search engines.

      4. She can be mean, really mean. oh, sorry, that would be “snarky” in the worst way.

      Okay, I ‘ll agree with this one. She can be mean. But she’s a saint compared to my mother. Now my mother can be downright MEAN. Love her anyway. But she can tell you to go to hell in such a way that you’ll pack a bag and look forward to the trip. OMG, someone on the internet isn’t nice 100% of the time. Say it isn’t so!!! Really?

      5. She is not honest.

      My 2 year old isn’t honest either. Shall she be burned at the stake right after MI? This is a silly statement. Nobody is honest 100% of the time, no matter who you are. Remember our former president? He didn’t inhale. OMG, someone on the internet isn’t honest 100% of the time. Holy smokes, Batman, please say it isn’t so! I’m gonna put a stop pay on that check that I sent for penis enlargement. They promised it would make a weiner grow larger on my girly figure.

      6. She hates her SO’s family.
      Wow, I’ll agree with this. But why does this make Girlyclown a bad person? I hate my SO’s family too. The feeling is mutual. Just because she doesn’t like her SO’s family doesn’t make her wrong. Maybe, just maybe, they are assaholics. From what I know of them, I dont’ much like ’em either.

      7. She uses her grief for attention, very public attention and retribution toward others. I repeat, she uses the fuck storm she has received from the universe as an excuse for retribution toward others. Be it Mama drama GIRLS, MDU WOMEN, Medicaid, Valair, NY STATE or whatever. That is absolutely true and pretty much undisputable.

      Wow. I’ll dispute much of this, which means it’s not undisputable. I’ll agree the universe handed her a fuck storm. Given the circumstances, I’d say she’s doing pretty damn good dealing with day to day life, considering. Yeah, she fights the state of NY for the assinine laws and rules regarding Stillbirth, and she’s trying to make changes so the next mother that gets handed the same fuck storm won’t have to deal with the same bureacracy as she has. Yeah, she fights Medicaid for their ignorance to make the same changes. Valda, HA. She has brought on her own fuck storm, has nothing to do with the universe, or Girlyclown. She’s a bit obsessed with a dead baby’s momma who happens to be in her extended family. If she hates her so much, like you do, then why do either of you care what she does, doesn’t do, who she tattles to or on, how many s/n’s she does or doens’ thave, or how or how long she grieves?

      I believe in Souls. I believe those that have passed before us can still be felt in our lives. If I had a dead baby, I’d damn sure do whatever I had to do to feel that connection for the rest of my life. It’s her CHILD. She shares her CHILD with the world, just like all of us on BBC. Just so happens that her child died. That doesn’t mean her memory, her spirt and her soul aren’t still felt by not only Girlyclown, but by others.

      “Of course” you’re protecting your identity. Hmmm, your employer knows, your family knows. Wonder who you’re protecting yourself from? Your ESIL maybe? Hmm… now I thought that wasn’t okay to pretend to be someone else to hide from someone else’s drama. But it’s okay for YOU to protect your identity, but it’s not okay for anybody else? Is that about right?

      Wow, I’m typing and I can’t shut up. I’m a pretty tolerant person. I’m very open minded. I believe people should be allowed to live their own lives as they see fit. Your right to swing your fist ends at my nose though. If you don’t like what someone else is doing… write them out of your life and move on. Fixating and obsessing over someone you dislike or disagree with just makes you appear to have enough issues for your own subscription. I’m not calling you a mentally unstable stalker or anything, I’m just saying.

      Rainbows and Sunshine all around,

      • Oooh, momma2aprincessandtwofrongs: I never typed Valda as you did. I typed Valair.


  339. ShootingStar-

    How exactly am I being used? If I was being used, I think I would know this, but who knows. I’ve only known her for the last 7 months since I joined the loss group, and became a GO shortly after, but I can honestly personally say she’s not a hateful, self centered person in the group I am in. I mean I can’t really judge someone that hasn’t done me wrong ya know. Yes you might be “warning” me per se, but I don’t take warnings on the internet very seriously. I give everyone a chance until they burn me, and you can only burn me once and I’m through. Does that make sense?

    Yes, it’s a very very important issue, and I have not seen her use that important issue against anyone, she is always supportive. Now mind you, I’m only talking about the board I’m GO with her on. She’s not hurt me, she’s not done me harm, she’s not belittled me, or used my loss or anything else against me, so why should I judge her? Why should I “hate” her because all off the drama and differences others have with her? Please please explain that to me.

  340. 1.Policing the bbc boards, well, if it wasn’t for that, most of the problems that I’ve seen her post about, wouldn’t have been caught, including technical problems and other things.
    2. So what IF she has 2 screen names? There are plenty of people with two screen names on BBC, so they can post undetected about personal issues, so what’s wrong with that?
    3. (There isn’t a three)
    4. Everyone can be mean, really mean. I’m a hateful bitch when someone pisses me off about certain issues. You honestly can’t be nice all the time. I’ve never seen her mean, so I can only account for the nice part of MI I’ve seen.
    5. She’s always been honest to me, that’s all that matters to me. I’m not 100% sure what she’s not been honest about unless you’re talking about the whole 2 screen name thing, if more then that, I have no clue.
    6.What’s wrong with hating your SO family? I’ve read the DWIL board many times, and there are MANY people who hate their inlaws, so whats the big deal?
    7. I’ve always wondered who the hell the Mama Drama Girls were. I’ve never seen MI use her grief to get attention, unless you’re talking about trying to make BBC a better place for grieving parents. I was pissed off too when my insurance company kept sending me bills that were suppose to be paid (military insurance) cause it continued to bring up the pain I was feeling, so I can see where that is coming from. But everything else not so sure of, as in the retribution against Mama Drama Girls, MDU, NY State, Valair.

    I’d probably understand it all if I did research, but really dont want too, because well I wouldn’t know where to start, plus I wouldn’t change my mind about how I view MI/GC (whether they are the same ppl or not).

  341. You are being used because you do not know anything but the last 7 months. She is smarter than you and me for that matter. I am saying be careful, I did not say to hate her. It is your choice to do what you want and believe what you want. At least you have more information now to make a choice or at least KNOW.

    I have posted several things about how she uses her grief as retibution. She humilliates people that don’t acknowledge her loss, etc etc.

    Of course she is not any of those things to you. Are you sure you are telling all you know? You qualify her with saying “in the group I am in”. If we are to believe you and “the group you are in”, why do you not believe others and the “groups they are in”?

    She has a few times been directly unsupportive toward others with loss that she felt was unequal to hers. Proven point that happened before you arrived on scene. Now you know better.

    Isn’t there a woman (I posted it) whom she kicked out of her group recently for questioning her? What do you have to say about that? Yes, you make sense to me, but I still question you. I think you do have doubts about her or you would not be here.

    You haven’t seen her use that important issue against anyone. Really? So, is everyone on here just for shits and grins? I do not think so. I think I have proven how twisted she can be with said important issue.

    Perhaps she really does need BBC, not to overcome her grief, but to overcome her other “disabilities”. This I am starting to think.

  342. The person was removed for something that didn’t have to do with MDU, that much I will tell you, but I won’t explain why she was removed.

    I’m careful most days, I do not wear my heart on my sleeve and not much can really get to me ya know. I’ve learned over the years, that people will say and do hateful things, no matter the walk of life they’ve been given to walk.

    I’m not telling you that you have to believe me on what I say about the group I am in, we all believe what we want to believe no matter what others say.

  343. I can explain the Mama Drama thing and MI went WAY over the top with that one. She blew it WAY out of proportion. When the photo clubs first came out, a girl went on the GO board asking if there was a way to change the way the photo club tab was arranged. When you clicked the tab, a picture of a mom and her angel baby popped up. No one knew how a picture was chosen to be the front picture. A few of her friends had suffered losses, one was a very recent SIDS loss, and no one expected to see that. They weren’t ready to deal with their loss and were quite upset to see the angel baby. That’s all there was to it. They were just asking how to change the picture, or if there was a way to do it.

    MI and her cronies completely freaked out. Saying that this girl and the labeled drama mamas didn’t want them on the site and that they had all the right to post their pictures anywhere they wanted to. Which was not what the issue was at all. The issue was that ladies who weren’t expecting to see the angel baby or weren’t READY to in this case, one with a VERY fresh loss were hurting. MI couldn’t see that and didn’t care.

    She is a total bitch. She made it look like the other girls who were asking about the photo club issue were heartless bitches when that was definitely NOT the case. They were looking out for their own loss mommies.

    That’s why it’s ironic to me that a couple of months later when a loss mommy flipped out over a live baby showing up in a box near the inbox, suddenly it’s not ok and needs to be removed immediately, yet not too long before in just the opposite situation, the other side of women were called heartless bitches by the same group of women.

    Very strange indeed.

  344. M2R&A, I think you need to tell GC/MI this “You can’t move forward, if you’re always looking backward, cause you won’t be able to see where you’re going if you’re always worried about where you’ve been.”

    I think that sums up a lot of this conversation actually.

    .. said this on July 7, 2009 at 8:06 am | Reply

    If your beef with her is that she isn’t “over” her grief of losing a child, then you are indeed a sad excuse for a human being. I think what actually sums up this situation is that y’all are some petty, self righteous bitches that need to get a life and grow the hell up.

    Momma2aPrincess&2Frogs said this on July 7, 2009 at 12:10 pm | Reply


    Umm, I said this because I don’t know about you, but it made me warm and tingly inside. I’ve suffered a loss too, and I read these kinds of things all the time.

  345. mamadramaobserver- I think I remember that thread, but I didn’t bother reading it, I don’t think. I read so many threads everyday, that it’s hard to keep up. But thanks for explaining the mamadrama ordeal, I appreciate it.

    “You can’t move forward, if you’re always looking backward, cause you won’t be able to see where you’re going if you’re always worried about where you’ve been.”

    In my situation this saying doesn’t concern my loss, it was said to me by my boyfriend because I couldn’t/wouldn’t let go of how badly I was hurt in the past, and being lied to all the time. You can use this quote for many different things, all depends on what you need to move past. I’ll never get over my loss, but I have moved on and focus my attention on my second child my rainbow baby, it’ll be 8 years on Saturday that my little peanut died from SIDS, so it doesnt hurt as much as it use to, and there isn’t anyway to bring him back, so there isn’t any reason to dwell on it, but I try to educate people and help people through their grief, especially that first year, because Im just that type of person.

  346. Oh, I don’t mean you should never get over it. Maybe carry it like a backpack or a purse instead of a boulder though, if that makes sense.

  347. It really depends on the person though. My first year of grief I carried it like a boulder on my shoulder, I couldn’t stand other people that had all their children because I didn’t have both of mine. Eventually, I got past all the anger and hate towards others and finally was able to deal and handle my grief.

  348. I am nearing my last post on here, ladies, ask me questions quick.

    This is well worth the long read, especially the ones who seem to think GCMI is such a lovely person.

    The below is from one of Girlyclown’s blogs. She actually posts a link to this thread! She blames her Sil for the OP. Most of the blog is about how she hates her SO’s family. It weirdly twisted. She even resposts MDU posts.

    My take on all of this is that girlyclown hates her SO’s family and will do anything, ANYTHING, to exact her revenge.
    She tries to convince her SO that HIS OWN FAMILY should not have contact with their child. Hmmmm….She even tags her blog to make it searchable! Ha ha ha. She copies and pastes emails that were private AND not addressed to her. She calls her sil a crack whore (is that true?) Ha ha. I don’t copy emails, just what is on public forums (forget private groups, ladies, there is no such thing, MODS, computer programmers, historians – are all privy to that info). It seems to me she is trying with all her might to convince her SO that his family is bad.

    My final opinion is that GCMI is a sick girl. She really needs to get some help. I feel bad for her SO’s family. From the emails Christine shares with everyone on her blog, it seems to me that her sil is just hurt and acting out because girlyclown told lies about her.
    Life after Lucy
    This is my personal blog, it is where i write without my filter, it deals with my journey, sorrow and future without my first born child. I am not alone in this journey, but sometimes it feels as if i am. it is also my angry place not many sweet words, in fact there is even non- mommy like language here so if your are expecting my normally sweet musing you are in the wrong place.

    DUDE is your SIL on crack?
    my darling precious **SO** your family is whack! even more specifically your SIL is WHACK and now that you see it first hand hope you”ll agree that they need to stay away from our kids.

    today’s case study – she found you on Facebook and sent you these messages (which you did share thanks)

    Date: Tue, 02 Jun 2009 00:23:18 -0700

    To: Wats * name removed*

    Subject: *name removed, i think it is sil *sent you a message on Facebook…

    *name removd sil* sent you a message.


    Subject: Watson or maybe I am writing to Christine, holder of the account

    So, Watson, I guess you are making it pretty clear you are not talking to

    your brother or your Dad. If you are so mad at him to treat him and your

    brother like this why don’t you tell them EXACTLY what they did. Maybe it

    can be fixed maybe it can not. I think it is very very sad that you have

    turned your back on your family. I know, deep down that this is something

    you do not want to do. I feel very sad for you. When you spoke with your

    Dad he said to all” it is like he is lost and I am unable to reach him”.

    Give him a rope of somekind damnit! Spill out all the yuck feelings you

    have about him if that is it! Your brother would be your advocate toward

    your Dad and so would I for that matter. AS far as me, I do not understand

    why you would allow someone to tell such awful lies about me on the

    internet. Even if you did not know, they were pointed out to you and no

    apology was made. I guess her saying to everyone on the internet that I

    said awful things at the funeral makes her feel better. You should know she

    still brings up the crap that happened that she made up on the internet. I

    don’t care what she writes as long as it doesn’t include us.

    I am really glad you are sticking by the children and supporting Christine,

    but please suck it up, be a man and have some real talks with your Dad and

    your brother. You and I are about to be out of parents and there won’t be

    time later to let him know how you feel. I am afraid that when the time

    comes and your Dad does die without some resolution in all of this, your

    hands may be tied. I would hate to see that happen.

    Let me know how I can help. As always my promise is to always have an open

    and honest interaction with you.

    I hope the family is doing great and you like the Christmas gifts. We

    wanted to send some last year, but I wasn’t sure. We looked everywhere for

    Olive’s bracelet and could not find it….so strange. Maybe I will find it

    when I am meant to.

    Take care and please call. Maybe I am the person to start with, so call me

    either at home **oh my FG! GC posted their phone numbers on HER blog when it was sent to her SO – what a bitch and you think I am shady – ha ha.* . Maybe I will call


    (signed *name removed, sil)


    we both know that you did not turn your back on your family. if you dad can’t pick up the phone and return a phone call, or write more than 2 words in an email, then you are doing you best. and good for you! you did not respond, heathly steps to rid our lives of her toxic filth.

    Date: Sun, 21 Jun 2009 23:50:16 -0700

    To: Wats *(name removed)

    Subject: *name removed – wow it contails her sils whole name!)sent you a message on Facebook…

    *(name removed, sil)sent you a message.


    Subject: Happy Father’s Day

    We saw your Dad today, he looks good. Had a good trip. He didn’t mention

    you so I do not know if you called him.

    Sigh….Blll….why does it have to be like this?

    Sure would like it if you acted like you cared about us and our children.

    They ask about you and we truly don’t know what to say….

    Anyway, hope you had a great day.


    and once more bravo you did not respond despite her crazy insinuation that you did not call your own father on father day. Because i am pretty certain that you did and like he always does he didn’t pick up, but hooray for small blessing he called back this time! as for not caring about her and her children well that is silly. she only reaps what she sows. it is a shame that for 7 years we sent her children gifts and letters and notes then she told you no more and now that your comply she attacks you again. yeah no logic there.

    so then i find in our spam filter this lovely gem she sent you June 24th

    From: *(name removed – WOW GCMI posted whole names again of her bil and sil)
    Reply-To: *(name removed)

    Date: Wed, 24 Jun 2009 03:08:42 -0400
    To: Uncle *(her SO, name removed)
    Subject: Well… is it going? How ya doin?

    How’s da babe. Has the economy hit you guys?

    Take care,
    *(name removed)

    Um crazy much?

    june 25th she launches an all out attack on me on my safe haven of all safe havens babycenter. via a blog postsecret style. (which i share with you and share with you and share with you. because it seems to be neverending. we are on day 3 of it now, it makes my head spin and i already know the answes to the question everyone wants to know.) (and no i will not tell you.)

    when her words are posted by another person you were horrified – looked at me heartbroken, shocked and sadden.

    >On 2/20/09 12:28PM Valair wrote:

    >>I would just be speculating as to what I think is going on with her, but I get the feeling that you get! Kind of like the new baby just is not…fulfilling. I don’t know how to say it nicely. She gives her baby that died more attention than the one she has. I also think that my BIL is not the most helpful, so I think she is overwhelmed. I feel bad for her. She is not getting the help she needs physically around the house or even mentally…but there is some sort of weird disconnect

    >>Not sure why she has the 2 names but she does blame me a bit for not being able to post, like I somehow prevented it! I just asked her to not post my private info, like where I lived and my full name. She did that and then wrote on some vent how she wished we would all just die! That is why my FIL and her BF keeps tabs on her, not just me.

    M & V have been cut off from us for well over a year, with the exception of M’s jackass phone call to you on Lucy’s burial date anniversary (not to say hey sorry i missed your daughter 1st anniversary, no to tell you to tell me off ) nothing in nothing out. no pictures to them to message to them. Numbers blocked emails blocked and yet somehow this crazy freak of a SIL has you all twisted up in knots. you avoid calling you dad because you know he is going to tell you some stupid thing about call your brother.

    look, you talked me into letting OS keep the gifts from them at christmas and the flowers they sent when he was born, but that is it. no more black hole. every-time you give that monster an inch she takes a fucking mile and rips your heart out along the way.

    I do wish she would up and disappear. (which for the record i wrote. If they died i would not shed a tear.) and last i check the only really powers i have did not involve the wishing of people dead. cause if i had a power like that i would hope i could also wish them alive — you see where i am going right?

    we here i am in the middle of the night i can’t sleep because tomorrow you will call your dad. it is your grandma’s anniversary. you missed your moms because i was too successful and getting you to focus on your son and daughter. i am sorry for that. i hope the call goes well and that he does not hurt you more than you are already hurting.

    i love you though, even if your Sister in law is a crack smoking, no sleeping, crazy bitch that continues to chase us all over the internet.

    Posted by ClownMomma at 1:07 AM 0 your thoughts Links to this post
    Labels: black hole, blocked, ESIL, facebook, toxic
    Sunday, January 25, 2009
    looking the gift horse in the mouth
    or more accurately: looking the passive aggressive evil SIL in the mouth.

    So *name removed – sil sent gifts to OSD for Christmas.
    Me: send them the fuck back i do not want her shit.
    watson: we should accept them you sent gifts to her children for 6 years and even after she was mean to you, you bought things for the kids.
    Me: yes but *name removed – a child’s name – sick sick sick* is your god child.
    Watson: I want to keep them.
    Me: fine i’m not writing the thank you.

    OK so we kept the gifts and opened them for OSD. Each gift was labeled as if it was from one of his cousins. he got a toy, and clothes, a stuffed toy, a book, & socks. while the sock are cute. the outfit is girly. It may not have been meant to be girly but i swear the pants are flared at the bottom like boot cut jeans. whatever i am sure i am being really critical because I hate *name removed, sil* but seriously why the hell did she send this shit. so she can say well we sent the baby a gift.

    but the toy they sent is this ball. it is EVERY thing i dislike about plastic, battery operated toys. I call it the fat kid ball.

    Interactive magically moving ball – catch it if you can! Specially built-in motor activates to make the ball roll around, promoting crawling1 The limited controlled movement means that the ball stops within reach. Press the chunky buttons, ideal for small hands, to hear fun music and animal sound effects! The transparent colourful buttons give a cool light-up effect! Ladybird key turns the disk and activates fun responses! Crawl and Learn Bright Lights Ball from VTech is a wonderful way to develop motor skills and introduces animals, numbers, counting and colours!

    the ball rolls IT’S SELF! how is that healthy? it says come and play with me. and it should say lets go out side and have fun with a real ball you can throw! OH and how evil is it the kid likes the damn thing.

    an lastly the P/A Evil SIL included the following items i can only assume mean to convey that they “think” about Lucy.
    the book Olive the other reindeer, an angel ornament made by *name removed* and this

    not exactly my taste, and in my bitter and jaded opinion to little to late. honestly why they hell to a care if they think about lucy now. where the hell where they for watson 16 months ago when he was crying himself to sleep at night over her death. when he went home and they attacked hi for staying with me DESPITE his repeated attempt to tell them to leave me alone.

    yeah i’m annoyed that he kept these gifts. i’m angry that after being such giantgantic assholes the whole *name removed* family thinks that because OSD lived it’s now OK for them to come around and send gifts.

    I swallow my words a lot to keep from hurting watson but seriously i am not happy that his dad comes around to see the baby, i am not happy that his PAESIL thinks she can send gifts and i am NOT happy that i just spent an hour of my precious hard to come by time wrting about it so i could put it behind me.

    I beg you universe please take this crap out of my life!
    Posted by ClownMomma at 9:48 AM 0 your thoughts Links to this post
    Labels: fat kid ball, PAESIL
    Friday, December 12, 2008
    what the Fuck when did i give up my last name?
    ok long time no bitch but seriously…

    first of all let me be clear here i am NOT married to watson, HOWEVER we have gotten some cards and letter recently that are address *name removed* family or *name removed* & family

    UM hello what the fuck? do i not exist? am i no longer visible because i gave the kids *name removed*s’ last name? cause last i checked i was still CMD, not C. *name removed* nor will i ever have that last name. no offense to watson but seriously NOT a last name i want to have. i had a hell of a time picking names for my kids that went well with it. and honestly going the kids that last name was a compromise, i wanted them to have both last names, I’ve never wanted to change my last name and i am not about to start at 36.

    oh and seriously getting things addressed like this makes my skin crawl and blood boil i find it insulting that people are to lazy to put my last name on the envelope too! because they can’t possibly be assuming i want to be called part of the *name removed* family after how shitty those assholes have treated me so it MUST be laziness. that or some antiquated idea that women who bare men children should automatically give up their identities and take the surname of their male companion.

    honestly i am not property i was not traded or sold to watson for a cow and 100 bushels of hay, nor i am willing to stand idle as i am erased. I going to be as vocal as the LSL and i say enough is enough I am not Cris *name removed* so stop calling me and addressing me as such.

    “A wife should no more take her husband’s name than he should her’s. My name is my identity and must not be lost.” -Lucy Stone
    Posted by ClownMomma at 10:30 PM 1 your thoughts Links to this post
    Labels: surmanes suck

    and what is with allthe sleep watson is doing. ok he has always need more sleep than me but some on already.. he sleeps as much as the kid. i think i am going to start slipping him stimulants.
    last night he was a huge pain wake up to help me with the baby… next time i am throwing something at him.

    Posted by ClownMomma at 10:45 AM 0 your thoughts Links to this post
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    I am a mother to 2 childern one that soars and one that at the moment poops and eats and sleeps. Our daughter Olive Lucy was stillborn on Aug. 27, 2007. and Our son Owen Samuel Danger was Born Sept. 11, 2008. I am also a professional circus clown, scenic prop & elephant costume designer and Production manager. Basically a theatrical Girl friday.

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    this is not what i had planned
    trying to carry on

  349. I still don’t think she is wrong for hating her SO’s family. Alot of people hate their inlaws, so yet again what’s the point? I read that whole damn post and still don’t get what you’re saying. So she hates her SO’s family, so fucking what.

  350. You proved my point M2R&A! So what? Are u kidding me? She preaches “peace, light and love” when she clearly HATES people so much that she spews it on the internet IN HER OWN IDENTITY! She seems to hate more than just her in-laws! What she posted is really disturbing.

    Like I said before, her “peace, light and love” is all crap.

    Mom to frogs and princes….as you said before, pleading to me…”think about if your children read this stuff…” GCMI’s children have a shit load of hateful crap IN HER OWN signature that SHE CAN NEVER TAKE BACK!

    May SHE reap what SHE writes.

  351. Wow… I don’t know what happened between her and Valair, but I am assuming that she HATES her with a passion. She seems a bit cold. It seems that Valair is trying to reach out to her, but she doesn’t want to even try. I really feel bad for her BF. If they cause her so much grief (no pun intended), why is she still with him taking their shit. Well, I guess I do understand why she’s still with him. It sounds like her anger stems from his family. She really needs help. I don’t mean that in a mean way at all. I just mean that she needs to talk to someone that can help her not be so angry. I’m not a hater… I try to look for the positive in people, but from what I’ve experienced with her, it really seems like she doesn’t have any. I was one of the mommies that had said something about the stillborn pics (if you didn’t catch that earlier on in this thread). Yes, I’ve said some mean things, but I was so hurt. I was trying my best to stand up and be strong for the sake of my sanity, and I lost it. She kept coming back insinuating that we were saying that the pic should be removed. She said that we were drama mammas. No, I was not looking for drama I WANTED TO BE HEARD! Then Rebecca told us how to bump the picture down so we didn’t have to look at it (now I’m saying that I wasn’t ready. I was 3 months into grieving, how do you all expect me to deal with a picture like that when I can’t even look at my own baby’s pictures without losing it?), so that’s what we did. Then she got all bent out of shape because we finally bumped her picture down out of view. I did not want to fight with grieving mothers, but it ended up that way. I did not feel good about it, but what got to me was that my friends that stood up for me may have suffered a loss, but not the way that I have, and yet… they were the only ones there to help me prove my point. I have personally said that I was sorry to those mothers, and even said sorry to her, but for some reason, I just can’t let that go. Now I’ve put myself in a lot of drama on BBC, it died out, and we all went our merry way, but the thing with her just seemed so personal. Like it was an attack towards me and my grief. And then her comment on my journal was like her pouring a bucket of ice water on me. It got me mad and irritated. She said that I made it clear that I didn’t want to be a part of their board. Well, where the hell was her invite anyway? And why is she assuming that I made a choice? Now I have. I don’t want to be a part of that board because I don’t need her lashing out at me if I happen to say something that she doesn’t like. And this thread just comfirms that for me. How can I lean on someone and confide in them, but beat around the bush about how I feel, just incase it doesn’t line up with how she thinks or feels. How is that fair?

    And yes, I’ll be honest… when I first lost my daughter, I didn’t want to look at another baby, but that didn’t last long. Now, I love seeing babies, and I wish I could snag them and have them all to myself. I know that makes me sound like a whacko, but I really feel that way. Every baby I see reminds me of my daughter (even boys), and I just want to love on them and never let them go. So maybe I have a slight psychological problem with that. As soon as I have another baby, I’m certain that will all stop.

    M2R&A… I love that quote! I made up something similar a long time ago…”Don’t look back, because you’ll miss what’s up ahead. When you’re down, look up and tell yourself ‘that’s where I want to be’.” (meaning that you want to be on top of things, not buried beneath them)
    That’s my motto. I try to live by that everyday. You should really share your quote with her. Post it on a thread, that way everyone on your loss board will see it, and hopefully it will touch one of them.

  352. Why would anyone use their real names on here? That is just really stupid. Makes me even more suspicious that it is GCMI feeding her personal trolls with that bridge she built on BBC.

  353. Shooting Star, I don’t know who you are, but I have my suspicions, all I do know is that for you to have access to that blog, you have to of been invited, to read it, as it’s set to private, I had to have an invite. This means that you’re a “friend” of some sort.

    I use my real name on here because I am NOT ashamed of what I have to say……. No body has asked me to write here, I do it on my own accord…. I wish the whole subject would just drop..

  354. […] can’t make this stuff up…. Posted on 07/09/2009 by theoneforgotten You just need to read this for yourselves… It is worth […]

  355. I’ve already explained why I use my BBC name on here, because I have nothing to hide and I’m not ashamed of who I associate with.

  356. Wait…I’m unaffiliated with this convo and don’t know anything about anything…but MomInterrupted is NOT a mod? For realz? LOL I thought she was! She does always get her way in whatever conversation is going on, like if she doesn’t agree the thread gets locked or whatever. Damn, thanks for the info!

  357. I don’t know about MI or any of that other mess, but I do know that Valair absolutely stalked GC on the DWIL board and that is what started the online mess.

    After reading GCs posts about her ILs, Valair posted on DWIL looking for sympathy because she wasn’t greeted properly by GC at GC’s baby’s funeral. That is the god’s honest truth. Valair was completely unable to understand why she should STFU about how a grieving mother greeted her at her child’s funeral. Not only was she complaining about something completely petty and childish, she was doing it mere months after GC’s loss in an attempt to create drama for GC. Nice.

    None of the information came from GC (e.g it wasn’t “lies” written by GC to make Val look bad) – the information came directly from Valair herself. So I don’t know if GC is a crazy bitch or what, but Valair is a stalker, and IMO is pathological in her need to “get” GC.

  358. I think I shoudl clairfy, Ishouldknowbetter. Those posts on the DWIL board were deleted by the MODS. The main theme of Valair’s post on DWIL was not Valair bitching about her sil not speaking to her at her own baby’ funeral as already discussed above. You are just like the dead baby momma’s….draw out the worst in the post. I also remember that Valair corrected those statements to no avail and only received threatening comments from people like memganmarie, surlygirl and etc. I believe the not talking statement was added as a statement to show how girlyclown can behave in sensitive instances. She is unkind. IT was not held against her that she did not talk to her ils at the funeral. Get your shit straight before you “honestly go out there and say”.

    As far as that DWIL post, it looked to me like Valair was going to the DWIL for help and she got knocked down just like BROKENHEART WAS. I already said that no one can be judged for what they say/do at a funeral.

    And Ishouldknowbetter…you are kind of stupid. GC did post info, public info about valair.

    I find it hilarious that you call one stalking and the other not. GC posted on public boards with her name and address ABOUT other people. Get your head out of your ass. That is just plain wrong.

  359. AndIshouldknowbetter. Get your info correct. A whole shitstorm went down and DWIL MODS from OBBC got punched out by people on the DWIL board. They even defended Valair and looked at it from both sides. You have to admit that there is incredible harshness on in the DWIL boards. All the DWIL ladies could not look beyond girlyclown’s loss.

    The LIES GC has written about valair are elsewhere on the internet, you silly silly Ishouldknowbetter woman! Only a few are on the DWIL (what is left of the delted stuff). If you read any of the above, girlyclown wrote most of the stuff before any boards went private and before valair posted on DWIL.

    How stupid can girlyclown be? She used her real picture, her real name, posted her address, phone number, email. Then she posted comments about her family? That’s just dumb.

    SHANNON: As stated above, most of the stuff pulled is from before the boards becam private. Sorry, we are not friends on BBC. Goodluck finding me.

  360. I’m just wondering how you know for a FACT that the stuff that was said abotu Valair were lies? Do you know Valair personally? Have you ever met her? Just wondering.

  361. Of course she knows Valair, she is Valair!!! Get a life Shooting star, no one is really trying to find you.. You seem like a woman that is striving on all of this drama.. I’m glad you have the so called “facts” but seriously when is enough enough? You know and I know that MI and GC will not come here, so drop it already, really!!

    • OK, just went out and got a Life! That is such a dumb thing to say.

      When is enough, enough? Good question. I am starting to feel like the ambulance that picks up all of GCMI’s shot down women along the way. This seems to be the hospital.

      The OP lifted the GCMI BBC opression for many women.

  362. As I said before, I am not valair, GC or MI.

  363. Holy shit! Move on already!

  364. It’s gotten good over a few days… looks like I missed quite a bit! Luvin’ the drama!!! Got any more?

    I was thinking… I should make my siggie… Got Drama?… I like this… it’s like a soap opera, and it takes me away from my own drama!

    Thank You Gals!!!

  365. Oh and I think I found out what SL means… Is it the Still Living board. I don’t really know what you all mean by still living. Is it supposed to mean that YOU are still living and haven’t ended your life to be with your children?

  366. If that’s what that means it’s kind of ironic that GCMI is a member of it, no?

  367. I think it means that the memory of the child is “still living” since the child was born still and still lives in their lives, memories, present, past and future…

    • Still LivingPrivate Group

      38 members
      66 posts
      Created: 7/12/2008
      This group is for mothers that have suffered 2nd & 3rd trimester loss and were all together on the old BabyCenter. Whether your angel was your first born or you have other living children this is a place for you to talk, and connect with other moms dealing with loss too. Closed to new memberships minimize… This group is for mothers that have suffered 2nd & 3rd trimester loss and were all… more…

  368. HAHAHA Everything surrounding MIGC has moles! Doesn’t that alone tell you something is upppp with her? Freakazoid. She’s getting wet over all the dramz right now.

  369. can’t believe this thread is STILL LIVING ..LOL – almost 400 comments. I think we are making history. We need a Group Owner. Who wants to volunteer? he he

  370. amyRaeN or whatever her name should join GC/ MI in being a self nominated mod.

  371. I deleted two comments with someones address and phone number.

    Please, don’t do that.

  372. You guys have no lives. I can not believe that you would actually say such horrible stuff about someone that you do not know personally. Do you ever think about how it effects that person? It is so easy to hide behind the computer and not care. GC is a very sweet kind person who suffered a horrible loss. It would make anyone angry and would not be able to get over it. She is a wonderful mom and her son is lucky to have her. Family drama does not mean that there should be a dog pile of harsh words.

    • Hey, “friend”. We have no lives? Then what the hell are you doing here? GCMI infantry?

      No one ever said she was NOT a wonderful mom IRL and that her son is NOT lucky to have her. Only comments about this were directed toward placement of her children’s names and devotion on BBC. Some of us think she needs to focus more on her present LC. Get your facts straight before you raise a bumch of shit like that.

      Wow! It IS EASY to hide behind the computer and not care! OMG! Newsflash! Thanks, “friend”. Exactly the point! We DO CARE.

      So, do YOU know GCMI IRL? She can’t take the shit she is getting? She sure can dish it out. Maybe she is sweet to YOU on BBC, but she is a lunatic bitch to others. Perhaps you need to realize that she is hurtful to others. Others that HAVE had losses! Read the damn posts, “friend”!

  373. I have been emailing valair in the last few days. She wants to know if it is really worthwhile for her to respond. What questions would you have for her?. If she comes on here, she does not want to hurt girlyclown’s feelings, but some of what she has to say is not favorable to girlyclown. She would like to see a way for the terrible situation girlyclown has caused in her family. Please post questions first, so she can come here once and be done with it.

    If anything, I believe she will stop policing BBC and has realized her error there because she must now realize that other women were hurt by her behavior.

    Thanks, SS.

  374. someone asked about her blogs earlier, I just skimmed but didn’t see them listed.

    She (her girlyclown persona anyway) leaves herself crazy open on the internet and has her full name, partners full name, location, names of her children all posted in easy to find places. Kinda dumb but whatevs, maybe she wants a stalker or 2.

    I think it is so funny that people are surprised by this, especially people who are “close” with one or both of the screen names. Silly me, I don’t really follow the loss boards but assumed that it was common knowledge they were one and the same. I didn’t pay close attention though to see that they both post at the same time HA! I just thought she had made a new account, abandoning the old for some reason. She left it so blatantly obvious.

    Anyway blog links are all listed here under their main blogs profile.

  375. “not you said”

    Interesting, but a little too late. She changed her blogroll after one of my posts. The link you provide her her mean-spirited
    blog removed (Life after Lucy)

    This is directly fromBaby Center:

    NAME: girlyclown {Christine}
    Blog Titles: Clownbaby: Olive Lucy & always will,
    Clownfamily: after Lucy, Life after Lucy (AKA the angry place) *my blogs aren’t that happy so just be forewarned.

    She is in cover up mode, real quick, but luckily I have copies.

  376. omg seriously Valair you can stop now, really you can… We all know it’s really you posting this bullshit hidden as shooting star, hence you were emailing with her (rolls eyes) yeah right, and we should post the questions we have here for her? You’re pretty fucking lame chica!! Have you noticed that you’re practically the only one posting anymore? Still trying to prove a point that everyone else has moved on from?! You’re desperate and it shows, Gc has not even been around here and yet you continue to stalk her, post about her and slam her identity. You’re looking very pathetic now… But we understand, it’s got to be hard living in the shadows….

  377. Amen, ‘yourworst’. I find it funny Shooting star only responds to the posts she wants. I guess if she says something is undisputable, then it is, but she can’t deal with it if you challenge her “facts”. Funny thing is, there’s plenty of stuff out there about her too. Such a “good neighbor” to her community. Had no trouble using her real identity for that news story, eh, Valair? I for one, think Valair is a nutball, and Shooting Star is either, a.) Valair herself or b.) a replica of Valair, or c.) a Valair crony being pimped into doing her dirty work.

    I won’t say “get a life” since SS thinks that is dumb, but I will say get some therapy because you have some serious inferiority issues.

  378. OMG, my “worst fucking nightmare!!” I am so scared! No, as I said, Not Valair. Yes, that is what I said. Have trouble reading?

    Of course, I have noticed not too many others posting. Oh, so you are still reading, I guess! Did it take you this long to figure out what to post?

    Very funny, yourworstfuckingnightmare!! Can’t think of any other more creative to post under? Is your name directed at me? Honored! Oh, you have such anger and hate to have such a negative sign-in name! You should go to anger management training, my dear. Uh, yeah. You are here = GC is here. Ding, ding ding! Please, exactly what am I desperate for?

    Momma2 a princes and 2 frogs. It is pretty obvious who you get your information from. But Bravo, honey! Bravo! Now I am worried about you! You are so impressionable, sweetie. I have responded to just about every post. I am pretty sure I have responded to ALL of your posts! You seem to like to follow those in your group. Oh, so this is how you want to break it down? You = GCMI crony. Me = Valair crony? I’ll take Valair any day over GCMI’s. You really don’t get it. Are you blonde? Yeah, sure, I’ll try some therapy for my “inferiority issues”. Tell me, where exactly would I go shopping for those M2RA? You kinda seem to know! Oh, I hate being mean to you, cause it just aint your fault your love is blind!

    I think this whole thing is fucking hilarious! No one knows who anyone is, except for you “honest real-name using posters”. GCMI would be “putting herself on the same level” if she posts here. This poster thinks this poster said this and is sided with this person.

    Perhaps I am someone else GCMI burned. Think back, GCMI! Think back!

  379. I get my information from the internet, just like you shooting star. I’ve already told you I’ve never had the hell of losing a baby. Do a google search on your name, it’s all out there for anybody to find. And yeah, you’ve just proven to me that you ARE Valair. You can keep saying you aren’t, but I have NO doubts about it now. No way that would have gotten that rise out of you if you weren’t. I’m not at all impressionable. I just think it’s ballsy for you to make such accusations and claims, meanwhile, YOU are the stalker. All GC is trying to do is live her life, raise her son, and honor her daughter’s memory. You have a problem with it, because you can’t seem to get the lime light from her and get out of her shadow. You won’t shine more putting others down, if you wanna shine, be a great mother, be a great wife, and quit causing problems for others. Then maybe you can move past your obsession with this.

  380. Mom2PF. Can I come to you for therapy?

    Why are you still here? Obsessed much yourself?

  381. Hahaha… you’ll notice I was gone for quite awhile. That was me “having a life”. I’m not obsessed at all. I have many healthy relationships outside of the internet, some wonderful friendships on the internet, a blissfully happy marriage, 3 rocking great kids, and a wonderful extended family. Sure, you can call me for therapy, just have your credit card ready, I charge $3.99 a minute, and it’s $2.00 per minute more if I have to pretend to like you. Though I’m certain you wouldn’t call, because then the cat would be out of the bag, so to speak. 🙂

    Did you get confused typing in your user name? ShootingStar, aka Valair, aka posing as your dh. Now me. I’m very flattered.

  382. was a joke.

    Why are you telling ME you have such a great life?

    If I was so worried, I would and could have signed in as someone else. You think you know who I am? You think I pose as others (other than the joke on you)? I am so LMAO and shaking my head at the screen. Just because someone emailed me does not mean I am them.

    Call me!

  383. You simply asked why I was still here. 🙂 I hadn’t been for a bit. LOL So someone emailed you, and you’re just willing to pass along questions? HA. Still a good neighbor eh?

    • Oh, you are so funny! If only it was directed at the correct person!

      No, I meant why are you still on MDU in general? So, really. Why? Yes, I would pass along a question! I think that anyone that knows GCMI is really upset by this. You know, there for a while, you were getting hot with your info….then you went cold.

      I know who posted the OP. It is not obvious at all. It is someone none of us have thought of. Too bad GCMI and her cronies have jumped on the first thing that comes to mind. Just another way GCMI uses people and situations.

      Oh, waiting by the phone for your call!

  384. HA, I AM waiting for a call, but not from GC. I speak with GC less than once a month or less, I’d guess. She’s not my BFF. I just jumped in because I think it’s wrong to publicly ridicule someone for trying to live their life. She doesn’t like her SO’s family, big deal. She’s not sweet all the time, big deal. She may or may not have multiple names, big deal, so do you and I.

    I guess if I’m honest, I’m still here because I like a good debate. 😮 Yep, that’s it. Just don’t like it when innocents (children) are drug through the mud. I really don’t dislike you, and I have no doubt in my mind you are Valair. You just wouldn’t have responded the way you did if you weren’t. It’s not something she would have prepped somebody for. I could go on with “hot information”, as you said, but there’s no need. I had a sliver of a doubt you were her, and that was enough to satisfy myself, and I don’t have anything to prove to anybody else. I’m kind of a bitch like that. I guess I’m just saying being miserable wont’ make you happy.

    • I meant I was waiting by the phone for you to call me since you say you have all my information and know who I am!

      OK. I get you. We may have to agree to disagree. I am not who you think. I also do not think the original post was intended to be malicious in the way it sounded. I was shocked when I read it, however, I also get it. I truly hope GCMI learns something from all of this. She will probably never know who posted originally, but she has to realize that some of her actions on BBC have not been so friendly, bad enough for it to come to this place.

      OK, being honest: I like a good debate, too (that should give you a clue). Oddly, we are here for the same reason it seems. It is interesting that you are defending GCMI for OTHER people dragging her kid through the mud. Thing is, she has done the mud dragging herself. The trails lead here. She has drug others and their babies through the mud just because she doesn’t like what the moms say. I did not go there, but it is there if you dig enough. You are defending GCMI, I am defending the people she fucked over.

      She has used her double identity to make others on BBC feel bad and drive momentum for her “causes”. Maybe she never made you feel bad, but others that did not agree with her or challenged her were made to feel bad.

      Personally, I don’t think you are a bitch. I think this gives you reason to blow off some steam. Just like it is easier for some people to talk to a stranger, it is easier to defend someone else that was “wronged”.

  385. Valda, Valda, Valda, I mean shootingstar, my bad.. did you come up for air after faking your newly diagnosed mono again, and didn’t get the welcome back you thought you needed posing as your husband?! Had to come create a post to get a rise out of people who actually like someone you despise? Sorry you’re so pathetic, and have no real life. sorry that you have to stalk someone to make you feel better.. How do we know it’s you, we are smart!! Oh and for your information, I’ve been posting here for sometime, I use different names for the mood I’m in, pms,+ jealous trivial pathetic bullshit = yourworstfuckingnightmare today I might just be me again…..then again might not….. So glad I could get a rise out of you, thank you for beating around the bush but finally admitting who you are!!

  386. Oh, finally! Send in the clowns……Send in the clowns….you are so transparent “myworstfuckingnightmare….whatever you write in for a sn”!

  387. Ha ha you think I’m GC because I know you, and have seen your husbands posts?? Sorry, I’ve never met GC in person, nor have I met you, so sorry Valair, Valda, Or Shooting Star whatever you want your name to be…..

  388. ywfnm or whatever…

    I stand behind what I have said, I am not going to fake some identity and then complain about someone else’s…but I am staying away from your nastiness and pms shitty shit…now I am scared!

  389. Wait, I thought *I* was GC?? Sheesh… now I’ve been bumped down to just another person that likes her? Ywfnm, sheesh, thanks for bumping me down on the heirarchy ladder. I’ve never met GC either. She makes me giggle, and that’s why I like her. She’s always been a straight shooter with me.

  390. m2ap&2f, No no I’m sorry, you’re right who am I to bump anyone down!! muaha ha ha ha!! I have conquered my feet, I’ve scared Valair, and bumped you down!! muahahaha!!

    No I like GC to, she’s always been straight with me, and has helped me through some really shitty times!!

    Oh yeah SS thanks for staying away from this pms bitchy bitch, you finally have learned grasshopper!!

  391. lmao, Ok, I’m sorry I had to, thanks for playing!! lmao!!

  392. ShootingStar, who do you think wrote the postcard?

  393. you can email it to me at if you’d like. I’d love to hear your theories. 🙂

  394. JQ you know she’s not going to answer you.. She’s the one that made the post card, so of course she’s not going to respond, she’s been called out and since she’s been called out she’s not been back!!

  395. I don’t think she made the postcard.

  396. Wow, this is still going on. I thought it would have been done by now, goodness. I have nothing important to add. I haven’t been around because this whole thing kept going back and forth, and I just didn’t give a damn anymore. I had said my peace and that was it. I happened to see it in my bookmarks and thought I’d see if it was still going, and was shocked to see that. Then I saw this…

    Tell me, where exactly would I go shopping for those M2RA?

    and had to comment because I think she was talking about the mom2frog something or another, and was a mistype since I hadn’t posted in at least a week LOL.

  397. This girl was a bitch when I knew her. She was snortin pussy back den! Said she didn want any brats. Guess she got her wish. She was a butt ugly.

  398. A deadbabymomma. I am. Now go fuck yourself!

    Cris/ girlyclown/mominterrupted/mommaclown

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    has shared this enormous piece of writing at at this place.

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